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Original Thread: LPFWA - It's not a bug, it's a feature!



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New here? Don't worry, you don't need to watch every single show listed below, they are each 1:30 to almost 3 hours long after all. Just hop in randomly and hope it's a good one! But if you want you can also check out some of the most memorable matches according to posters of the thread by clicking on this handy link.

23.05.2015 - Ten Year Anniversary - Lightly Packing Fragrant Walnuts Again (Courtesy of Dragonatrix) - [Highlights by Midnightlight]
30.05.2015 - The Great Tournament Begins! - Loki? Punchy? Fuck! What!? Aaaaah!!! (Courtesy of WWE 2k14) - [You voted to see a tournament] - [Highlights by Midnightlight]
06.06.2015 - Kayfabe Commentary - Little Plow, Fucking Wide Antennas (Courtesy of kalonZombie)
13.06.2015 - I forgot what happened in this one - Losers Pick Fights, Winners Abate (Courtesy of Pyroi)
PPV 20.06.2015 - Wall of Golden Stuff - Loving Partners Fight With Adoration (Courtesy of TheDarkFlame)

04.07.2015 - Failure - Low Point For Wrestling "Airing"
05.07.2015 - Stream for DivineCoffeeBinge - Liars Poorly Fib With Alibis (Courtesy of DivineCoffeeBinge) - [Fibbage]
11.07.2015 - THEY'RE PEOPLE - Let's Perpetuate Fake Writing Advice (Courtesy of Dragonatrix)
18.07.2015 - Godwin's Rath - Lunar Pizza Features Wrestler Ashes (Courtesy of anilEhilated)
25.07.2015 - Jobbing is Art - Let's Prepare For... What!? ARGH! (courtesy of nine-gear crow)
PPV 01.08.2015 - International Food Throwdown - Let's Produce Foods With Acid

08.08.2015 - Monday Night Raw - Lose Purposefully for Winning Atrociously (courtesy of Midnightlight)
15.08.2015 - Blackout God - Lethally Prevented From Watching Anime (courtesy of nine-gear crow)
29.08.2015 - JC at WM9 hell yeah! - Look, Punchy Fights Without Authenticity (courtesy of Eclectic Tastes)
PPV 06.09.2015 - It's not a bug, It's a shoot! - Let's Pray Flamander Worms Again (Eclectic Tastes)

12.09.2015 - Mediocre! - Losers Pattempt Fto Wname Astreams (by Pyroi)
19.09.2015 - Vi sitter här i Venten och spelar lite DotA - Losing: Preparation for Wrestlemania Accomplishment (TheDarkFlame)
26.09.2015 - #Cenagate - Lame Pretenders Force Weaponized Anime (anilEhilated)
PPV 03.10.2015 - BURN DOWN THE SANDCASTLE! (November 3rd) - Let's Pray For Wrestling Awesomeness (Rara)

17.10.2015 - oRa - Long Penis Freaks Watching Audience (Trizophenie)
24.10.2015 - JUNPEI RULZ (spooky) - Lightbulb Problems Fixed With Animals (anilEhilated)
07.11.2015 - Let's Shill Undertale - Look, Punk! Flair's "Wooo!"s are Awesome (DivineCoffeeBinge)
PPV 14.11.2015 - SLW Revival - LOL Palpatine, Flamander's Worm is Awesome, SUPER LEGENDARY WORM! (Divine Coffee Binge and Junpei)

21.11.2015 - The Raranomicon :3 - LPWBAD - Limitless Punches Wreck Bunny; Adorably Dead (Lazyfire)
12.12.2015 - Ooooh Yyyyeah! - Let's Play Freaking Wild Audio
02.01.2016 - BONESAW IS READY! - Look, Presents for Winners Arrived! (DivineCoffeeBinge)
16.01.2016 - Junpei's and Rara's Wrestlemansmania - Loading Procrastinate Fun Wrestling Action (Trizophenie)
PPV 30.01.2016 - Intoxxication Station - Lore Provided Frequently With Abandon (Junpei)

06.02.2016 - Sledgehammer - Lotus Punts False Warlord's Ass
13.02.2016 - Insert Episode Title Here - Lala Pristine Flakes Warship Antenna
27.02.2016 - Screwjob - Lotsa Premium Fighting. Wow! Awesome!
PPV LPFWA Finale! - Lpfwamania: No Matter What! - Let's Play Forum Wrestling Association

The end is nigh! Submissions are closed!
(54 out of 100 slots used)
Ah, I see, you wanna join our ranks! If you have WWE 2k14 for PS3, the game we're using for this, you can make your own character and upload him or her using the keyword LPFWA. Let me know in this here thread that you uploaded it and I can go fetch it. Alternatively, if you don't have the game or don't want to make a character yourself, fill in that form below. Please also fill that in if you provide your own character. Also: Please only one per person. There Is one exception but that should remain an exception.

Name: Ideally just fill in your forums handle here. But if you really absolutely want something different I'll allow it.
Gender: The game is dumb and doesn't allow mixed gender matches. But having a good variety of males and females would be super nice.
Your Twitter: The game allows you to put in a twitter handle to be displayed alongside your name. If you fill this in, please use your real Twitter.
Appearance: Describe how you want to look. Or add an image. MS Paint or detailed drawing, doesn't matter, I'll try to make something that resembles it. Just be aware, that if you want to be a being of lava with obsidian pieces cooling in it you might become a Pizza Golem or something, the character creator is strong, but not that strong. What I'm saying is don't just hand me your D&D character sheet). To give you a rough idea of what type of characters we've had so far here's the original LPFWA's Roster and the current one.
Type: What kinda moves will you use? Heavy Hitter? High Flyer? Brawler, Grappler? Whatever? If you want specific moves lemme know, but don't post an entire moveset.
Signature Moves: If there are specific moves you want name them here. These moves typically have to be executed to be able to do a finisher.
Finishing Move(s): Those are the special thingies that hit really hard and are supposed to end the match. If you want a particular one here lemme know.
Entrance Music: (Bonus points if it's free, but try not to use songs by major labels okay. Otherwise it's very possible the video is blocked in Germany and if that's the case I'm not going to use it. For that purpose please provide me with a Youtube Link to the song, unless it's not on there for some reason. It may still get me blocked though. So when in doubt, just don't pick a song that ever was on any radio ever. Game Soundtracks and remixes of any song are usually fine, though)
Hometown / Country: pick from this list (Except for Stilwater, that's not in the game)
Announcer Name: Pick up to four words out of this list in any order. We'll probably talk over it, though.
Other gimmicks, quirks, personality traits and stuff (please note that I may ignore or adjust your suggestions here): This concerns writing. Please don't put things related to your AI here, sadly I can't customize that. Also don't get too specific. This might not even come up for your character after all. Just gimme something to work with. Here's a list of Gimmicks that we already have.

What is LPFWA exactly?
LPFWA (originally Let's Play Forum Wrestling Association, but the meaning of the acronym changes basically every episode) is a wrestling association featuring custom wrestlers created in WWE 2k14 that represent various forumites. It is streamed almost every week mostly on Saturdays. The recordings are usually uploaded the day after. The game allows to make custom storylines with dialogue and stuff opening up all kinds of possibilities. This will be the second "Season" of LPFWA. Here's a quick summary of what you missed in the first one. If you don't even know about the first one don't worry, it was not hosted on SA but the Let's Play Forum (dot net, LPF. Essentially a forum housing a clique of mostly goons). I decided to record one show with the people already familiar with LPFWA so I have something to show for here. I now want to expand it from the Kliq and into the wider territory that is SA. I trust that there's no one who gets mad about Outsiders threatening SA. Like Kevin Nash and Scott Hall did back in the day when they hopped to WCW.

So is this like fake wrestling where everything is carved in stone or what?
It's fake, of course. It's a video game. But the results are not fixed. A show consists of various cutscenes, which of course are completely scripted, but the matches will be fought by the AI. So I can't plan ahead several months to have Junpei Hyde drop/win/spin the Belt at Wrestlemania or something. Instead I have to write stupid storylines on the fly. I'm no writer but I can do stupid.

Do I need to know about stuff that has happened in the past?
No, basically everyone is jumping right into the middle of it. Even people familiar with the first Season because there was a ten year time skip with little explanation of what happened in that time. To give the vibe of a business that has been running for a while I'll reference things that never happened on screen too. Everything else will get explained.

Okay sounds cool. How do I join the fun?
There's many ways in which you can participate. The biggest one is probably having an avatar in LPFWA to wrestle matches. If you want to do that scroll further up. But yes, anyone can join. But I might not be able to implement you all into storylines. I'll try, though. Something that I may or may not do at some point too is to just add people who currently have a match to the Skype call and ditch them immediately once the match is over.

Sometimes there will be parts in the show that offer the audience to make a choice. Things like "How do we determine who gets that vacant championship belt?", "what should the match type for the next match be?" or "Should that guy get a title shot?" There's plenty of possibilities in which the audience can provide some input. Typically this will happen during shows but sometimes there may be polls too. Scroll right back up, look under the header image and you may find a poll you can vote on.

One time per month there will be a Pay Per View (you don't actually have to pay anything to watch it, though). For these bigger events we'll bet on the outcomes of the matches. There's gonna be a prize of some variety. In the past this used to be a steam game worth about ten or 15€. It may be something different now. I'm not sure yet.

The way I set up the stream there's a little bit of dead space under the video. If you want you can create banners to fill that space. These can be joke ads that fit into the universe or not, for instance, or other stuff you find funny. It can also be an actual "ad" for... your Let's Play thread, your Bandcamp page, your blog, your face, your whatever. As long as it comes in banner form, is in good taste and not exceedingly hideous I will allow it and put it in the rotation. Just make sure it's 950 x 185 pixels.

And lastly, there's just being in the audience. Participate in the stream chat. React to what's happening. Have some fun. If crowd reactions indicate that my super funny storyline about my Steve Austin equivalent and Kurt Angle equivalent competing for hugs from my Vince McMahon equivalent (actually happened in WWE) is not well received I may try something else instead. Conversely, if I notice positive reactions I'll run with it until I get bored of it.

Do I have to be a Let's Player to join?

I want to make some changes to my CAW. Is it too late for that?
Nope, not too late. Actual pro wrestlers change their costumes or even character several times in their careers. No reason you shouldn't be allowed to do that.

Man, you guys throw some weird words around in this thread and in the streams sometimes, what do they even mean?
We use a fair bit of wrestling terminology. Most of which is actually carny speak. Here's a few of the more common terms explained.
Face: A "good guy" wrestler. The crowd is supposed to cheer for him.
Heel: A "bad guy" wrestler. He's supposed to generate heat.
Gimmick: The character a wrestler portrays. It's not uncommon for wrestlers to switch gimmicks throughout their careers. For instance the Undertaker started as a grave digger and later turned into a Biker. Now his gimmick is being The Undertaker.
Jobber: A wrestler that loses to make other guys look good. Most people job before they become famous. when a guy who's already big jobs it's usually supposed to give the opponent a significant push.
Push: An attempt to make a wrestler more popular OR reviled.
Squash: A squash is a match in which one participant completely dominates the other. It's supposed to make one guy look really good to give him a push, or make the other guy look really bad but most of the time it makes a joke out of the whole thing when the squasher starts winning and losing normally again.
Heat: (Mostly) intentionally invoked negative crowd reaction. If you can get a crowd to really hate a guy they'll stick around to see him get beaten up.
Cheap heat: Heat generated by doing things no one really cares about. Like insulting the local sports team/chess club, wearing the jersey of a rival sports team/chess club. Calling the entire town your in a bunch of inbreds, stuff like that. People will boo, but they usually do it because they see through it.
Cheap pop: This is when you try to get some cheap cheers out of the crowd. For instance by wearing a jersey of the local football team or calling the crowd class A citizens. The crowd usually cheers because it feels great to be called a grade A citizen.
Angle: Storyline
Promo: A segment in which a wrestler talks like he's a crazy motherfucker.
Kayfabe: It means to stay in character and treat wrestling like it's a real thing even when not in the ring. This was more of a thing before the internet but it still kinda is. Essentially wrestlers play their characters all the time.
Botch: Fucking this up. I mean, botching something. Can be a move that doesn't work right, or misspeaking during a Promo.
Shoot: Going off script, basically. This can mean not maintaining Kayfabe or just intentionally doing something you're not supposed to do. Can be as much as changing the flow of the match or even the outcome. Or steering a storyline in an entirely different direction.
Work: The opposite of a shoot. When everything goes according to plan and is "worked" so to speak.
Worked shoot: Something that's supposed to appear like a shoot to the audience but is actually all part of the plan.
Mark: Someone who thinks wrestling is real.
Smark: Smart Mark. Someone who knows about and is interested in the workings of wrestling. Can still pretend it's all real if he wants, though, because that's more fun.

Champs as well as reigns are spoilered for your safety. Keep in mind that the reigns are listed with the most recent one first.

1. LPFWA Championship.

Current Champion: Dr. Rath
The former champ took the old belt with him when he left the company. So we had to hold a tournament to determine a new champ.
That first champion was Sterv.

Past Champions:
26.03.2016 - ???: Dr. Rath
31.01.2016 - 26.03.2016: Pyroi
24.10.2015 - 31.10.2016: Flamander
01.08.2015 - 24.10.2015: Frederick Hope
20.06.2015 - 01.08.2015: Sterv

2. LP Superstar Championship.

Current Champion: Nuffkins
The "minor" championship belt. It's so there's something to compete over aside from the big belt... which is currently gone.

Past Champions:
26.03.2016 - ???: Nuffkins
31.01.2016 - 26.03.2016: Pomp
24.10.2015 - 31.01.2016: Junpei Hyde
03.10.2015 - 24.10.2015: Eclectic Tastes
19.09.2015 - 03.10.2015: Gryph Hammer
06.09.2015 - 19.09.2015: Pomp
08.08.2015 - 06.09.2015: Face
01.08.2018 - 08.08.2015: Danaru
23.05.2015 - 01.08.2015: Nuffkins
Unknown - 23.05.2015: Punchy

3. Co-Commentary Championship

This is the tag team belt! Only since this is LP themed it's called the Co-Commentary belt. Clever. I know.
Current Champions: Face and Zanzibar Ham

Past Champions:
30.01.2016 - ???: Face and Zanzibar Ham
20.06.2015 - 30.01.2016: Lazyfire and Immortan Joe
23.05.2015 - 20.06.2015: Face and Midnightlight

4. Black's Championship

Current Champion: Immortan Joe
Whatever, you'll just call it Pokeymanz Title anyway. It's a belt that's always on the line. Even if you get jumped on the toilet or ambushed at your house you'll have to defend it. Some may say it's more of a curse, which is why the very first holder of the title, Black, set himself up to be ganged up on by three people just so he could lose it without not putting up a fight. At some point one of the later champions must have just dumped the title somewhere to be rid of it. It hasn't been seen since. But hey, It's listed here so someone will find it, I suppose.

Past Champions:
27.02.2016 - ???: Dr. Rath
30.01.2016 - 27.02.2016: Immortan Joe
30.01.2016 - 30.01.2016: Pyroi
24.10.2015 - 30.01.2016: Flamander
05.09.2015 - 24.10.2015: Frederick Hope
Unknown - 05.09.2015: Dr. Rath

5. Kawaii Championship

Current Champion: Eeevil.
The Women's Title, basically. The game wont allow mixed gender matches so this is how it has to be. If the female division gets big enough I'll also add Tag Titles for women.

Past Champions:
30.01.2016 - 26.03.2016 - Eeevil (of course)
I forgot - 30.01.2016: Aurora
26.09.2015 - I forgot: Eeevil
05.09.2015 - 26.09.2015: Aurora
15.08.2015 - 05.09.2015: Pvt. Scott
11.07.2015 - 15.08.2015: Eeevil
Unknown - 11.07.2015: Aurora

6. The Buscus Title

Current "Champion": Big Scary Owl
The jobber belt. It's always on the line in singles matches. Usually The Buscus will be... "defended" in the very first match of a show. Whoever loses has to take it and open LPFWA like the jobber they are every week until they can pass it on to somebody else.

Buscus Hall of Shame:
Big Scary Owl

A timeline of stuff that happened but was never shown on screen:
06.07.2013: The first LPFWA show airs! LPFWA stands for Let's Play Forum Wrestling Association. But the meaning of the acronym changes every show.
For what happened in the following six months see watch this!!

December 2013: IGgy takes back over LPFWA, he doesn't remember how it happened.

March 2014: Schir loses the title he canonically never won. But people stopped caring about what's canon. It's almost like all those times someone who holds the title goes away for a while due to injury then comes back and claims he never lost the title. Only the other way around. Yeah, I dunno either.

July 2014: To honor the one year anniversary of LPFWA IGgy abdicates ownership to Hideo Kojima. There are fewer matches and they are shorter. Backstage segments are extended and make up most of the show. Nuclear deterrence is a common theme in storylines somehow.

November 2014: The sons of Big Boss are born.

February 2015: Kad Snake wrestles a giant mecha piloted by Lad Snake. That same match is repeated a couple more times.

March 2015: Kojima decides he's done with that shit, IGgy takes back over again.

July 2015: To honor the two year anniversary of LPFWA IGgy abdicates ownership to Junpei Hyde. Everything is now more anime.

July 2015: IGgy takes back LPFWA because under the anime reign of Junpei the shows mainly consisted of people screaming a lot to charge up their special moves. Wrestlers were also forced to loudly yell the names of their next moves. Pantyshots reached critical mass.

January 2016: A sudden influx of fedoras threatens LPFWA's reputation: The Hattitude Era begins. The Kawaii title is renamed to the M'lady title. IGgy tries to fight back against the fedora flood but is somehow the bad guy in the whole story. People without fedoras are hunted by those with fedoras. Shit's fucked up.

February 2017: The Hattitude Era ends. Fedora's are no longer considered cool. Kad suddenly disappears and a new Wrestler named Face enters the scene. Face is the only one still wearing a fedora but he does not enforce the fedora agenda. The M'lady title is renamed to Kawaii title again, though IGgy wanted to call it something else. But Anime fans of LPFWA complained and insisted the Kawaii tradition be honored.

August 2021: IGgy got so wicked drunk he completely forgot what happened since 2017 and he accidentally burned the archives of that time period. People don't talk about it either. But we assume things happened.

May 2015: Despite less than two years having passed IGgy decides that ten years have passed and the company suddenly has a rich history despite being on a hiatus for one and a half years. To honor the ten year anniversary IGgy abdicates leadership of LPFWA to himself. On the show prior Sabateini, the current LPFWA champ decides to leave the company due to something that happened in Montreal? Yeah, I dunno either. He takes the title with him.

LPFWA 30.05.2105
Punchy is everybody by Jobbo_Fett
Loki and Punchy doing JoJo poses by Schir as requested by Junpei Hyde

LPFWA 05.07.2015
Interview with Dash Rendar by Blind Sally
Alderanian Prince Scam by Lazyfire

LPFWA 18.07.2015
8 Bit Zore, Buscus 4 Life by Lizard Wizard

LPFWA 16.08.2015
Now Rendaring... by Pyroi

LPFWA 26.03.0216
This is MY Moon! by nine-gear crow
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