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Part 3: Alderanian Prince Scam



Subject: RE: Hello Sir, I am an Alderanian Prince in need of you're help



A hearty hello to a fellow warrior! At this time I find myself unable to assist you as the entirety of my assets are liquid at the moment. However, I can offer two canisters of Unleaded to your plight so long as you can provide an equal quantity of Premium in return. Additionally, I have no knowledge of these "credits" you speak of, it sounds like something Bartertown would come up with, and I'm not allowed back there! I seem to recall a few weeks ago you and I were to have a match, but you left your partner to suffer my wrath alone. I commend you on the decision, clearly you were outmatched and instead of fighting you didn't interfere with me doing my work. I guess at this point everyone would expect me to call you a coward for not standing your ground, but honestly I didn't get to be a healthy however old I am (you lose track of time after the apocalypse, let me tell you) by fighting every hero with a grudge and a gun over the years. We should look for opportunities to work together in the future, me and my buddy Joe (well, he's more like acquaintance in violence) have been thinking of getting some guys together and really just beating the hell out of anyone who gets in our way. I hope for your sake you don't! Anyways, got to go, the slave I strapped to the front of my car seems to have died and you really want to have a living human shield when you are going to be charging an elevated position. Talk to you soon.

PS: I just notice we both used to raid interstate 420! Ah, those were good times. Who did you used to run with? Anyone I would know? Back then I was just Baron Large. So much good stuff on that road back then, too bad we ended up burning most of it down. I'm rambling, got to go.


>Subject: Hello Sir, I am an Alderanian Prince in need of you're help


>Good day, Sir , My name is Dash Rendar and I am in need of your assistance. Recently, the Empire blew up my entire home planet and everyone I knew. Luckily for me I was off planet at the time fighting that same Empire. As the First National Bank of Tatooine assumed all Alderanians had perished in the sudden and violent explosion, I have been frozen out of my accounts until I can prove I'm alive. The problem is that all my records, histories and holocubes were on Alderan when it exploded, leaving me not only homeless, but without identity.

>Thankfully, I ' v e worked out a deal with the FNBT where if I can raise a minimal amount of credits they will let me have access to my accounts again. This is why I've e-written you today. You see, all my money was in the FNBT, and so I have to resort to raising money from wise investors such as yourself. If you send me a minimum of 2,000 credits I will return whatever investment you make plus 50% just as soon as the bank releases my funds. My money is near limitless as I was a prince on Alderan and it is well known that Alderanians are among the richest people in the galaxy! Send your money to my PayPal: Dashsscamaccount today and in a few days to a few weeks you could be rich as an Alderanian prince! Haha, we're going to make so much money off these suckers, Leebo. Most of these guys I fight are near braindead and wouldn't know the old Alderanian Prince scam from a submission hold. No, don't read it back to me, send it out to everyone, that was perfect.