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Part 19: Look! Pilot Flammando Winged Angel!

Episode #18 - Look! Pilot Flammando Winged Angel! - (Twitch VOD)
Pre-Show: Vintage LPFWA '13 - Humble Beginnings (Sabateini vs. Schir)

YT version might not be processed yet but the Twitch VOD is there as always as a backup.

Look! Pilot Flammando Winged Angel! - Zephyr

IGgy IGsen posted:

Next show will be on Saturday, 17th May at this time. It's a Twitch event so you can set a reminder if you like.

30 Minutes before that a Twitch "Premiere" featuring LPFWAs first ever Match from some time in 2013. Since there was no commentary originally it will feature kind of director's commentary in post by me. It is Sabateini vs. Schir (not as I claimed multiple times Fruitsniffer vs. Schir). Much like the above link, this is also a Twitch Event.

And of course you get to pick an opponent for Macho Man Randy Savage again if you go here

The match card for this week's show, of course, is below.

#1 Buscus Brawl
Bone Pimp (c) vs. Face

#2 Singles Match
Angus Mcmutton vs. Macro Man Keynes

#3 Three-Way
Yelizaveta RN vs. Tolvie vs. Garbo Barba

#4 Bunny Championship :3
D the Destroyer vs. Flamander (c)

Intermission: LPFWA vs. The Universe vs. Macho Man Randy Savage

#5 Singles Match
Woolsey Smythe vs. Dr. Ham

Main Event: Kawaii Championship
Samus vs. Jumpy-Chan (c)

Kadorhal posted:

Wait, waitwaitwait. The Buscus? Me? But... but the boss said I'm the best in the promotion! He wouldn't lie, would he?

*sigh* Fine. If this is the shit I have to put up with, I'll put on the best show possible. I'll show these assholes I'm better than they all think! I will win the match and not get that title!

Or if I do, I'll only hold onto it for one week, tops!

VolticSurge posted:

Fear not, old man. Your time is coming. Like Professor Ozpin, you don't realize the winds of fate have changed course.

A-are you certain of this, Supreme Leader Ren?

I am very certain of this. I have one request-if Face is sent to sabotage the First Order, don't kill him. Please. That's all I ask.

That's an odd request, Supreme Leader Ren. But fine. I will comply.

I wish our paths didn't have diverge like this. My First Order could use a warrior like him.

We need all the fighters we can get, considering what you did to Snoke's guards.


yerpalhal, post:107, topic:2484, full:true posted:

So that dream frae last week wis a warning fae MEDB hersel instead o the macho man I get tae fight the poundland version of him. Bring it oan auld man you face the full might of a warrior with the power of SETANTA and the full unbridled rage o BELATUCADROS himsel…

IGgy posted:

Scene: Palpatine berates Face for having to compete for the Buscus

#1 Buscus Brawl
Bone Pimp (c) vs. Face
Face takes it. Poor Boney

Scene: Angus approaches Fruitsniffer and challenges him to a drunk match because IGgy wouldn't book Angus vs. Dash. But IGgy overhears this and makes the match at Toxx Party a Four-Way Ladder Match with Angus, Fruity, IGgy and Dash

#2 Singles Match
Angus McMutton vs. Macro Man Keynes
I guess Macho and Macro are not the same. Because Angus obliterated the former. But got beaten fair and square by the latter

#3 Three-Way
Yelizaveta RN vs. Tolvie vs. Garbo Barba
While Yelizaveta showed just how relentless she is, ultimately it was Tolvie who got the win

#4 Bunny Championship :3
D the Destroyer vs. Flamander (c)
What a war! D takes the win and what a big win for D it is to defeat a legend like this.

Scene: Kylo Ren wants to cut a sick promo about Palpy but talks about his abs instead.

Intermission: LPFWA vs. The Universe
IGgy vs. Macho Man Randy Savage
I should probably just not put myself up for vote when these things happen anymore because I keep losing

#5 Singles Match
Woolsey Smythe vs. Dr. Ham
Last time they met Dr. Ham had just hit the Miracle Spine-o-Cracker on Woolsey but the time limit ran out before he could go for the pin. Now, though, it's a different day, and Woolsey defeats Dr. Ham.

Main Event: Kawaii Championship
Samus vs. Jumpy-Chan (c)
Jumpy defeats Samus yet again proving that her previous victory was not just a fluke.

yerpalhal, post:109, topic:2484, full:true posted:

The day`s promo is translated fur yer buzz

Todays promo is translated for your pleasure

Sae th’ macro jimmy bested me. This displeases me ‘n’ mah celtic gods ‘n’ o’ couse th’ tru bru. Ah wis warned o’ this calamity in mah dreams ‘n’ dingyed it.
so the macro man bested me. This displeases me and my celtic gods and of couse the tru bru. I was warned of this calamity in my dreams and ignored it.

Bit och jimmy ah git th’ fud rendar at th’ neist ppv. A’m aff tae murdurr ye dash. A’m aff tae choap ye intae bits. Bake ye intae a steak bake ‘n’ serve ye tae th’ neist nerf herder wha annoys me

but oh man i get the ******* Rendar at the next ppv. I am going to kill you Dash. I am going to chop you into bits. bake you into a steak bake and serve you to the next nerf herder who annoys me

Noo tae spout random gibberish as ah scouk a plug fur mah managers foremaist lets speil mirk clood comin’ soon tae th’ lp zone as soon as his commentary bidie in gets his heid oot o’ his bahookie ‘n’ we git mair than six bits recorded in advance. Aye he is making me say this. His haun reaches ferr far up mah kilt. A’m his puppet