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Original Thread: LPFWA 2k18 - We Killed The Business



New Here? Don't worry, there's a lot of show to watch so it's okay if you skim through the results /synopsis of each episode, just jump in at a place that seems fun. Here's a couple links for the hell of it.
Highlight Matches (for entire matches)
Clippamania #1 and Clippamania #2 (some clips, be wary of spoilers if you care)
GIFs of the show (just some gifs, really)

Hello friends! Welcome to LPFWA! Wooo!
It's time for you beautiful people to tell me what characters to make (or make one yourself if you have WWE 2k18 on PS4) and then they'll lay the smack down on each other in wrestling matches with wrestling storylines and everything. Isn't this just too sweet? If you're confused feel free to scroll down below to the FAQ in the second post. If you have more questions feel free to just ask in the thread.

[ LPFWA Arena ] [ LPFWA Network ] [ Sign-Up Form ] [ Discord ] [ Prologue Video ] [ Matches/Roster/Title History ] [ Roster Pics ] [ Icons ] [ Entrances ]

The meaning of the acronym LPFWA and with it the episode title is determined anew every show in the stream chat. The person who came up with the respective acronym will be named in parentheses.

Episode #1 - Look! Periodically Funny Wrestling Again (Trizophenie)
Episode #2 - Let's Pin Fruitsniffer Without Alacrity (Zanzibar Ham)
Episode #3 - Let's Provide Freaks Wrestling Anywhere
Episode #4 - Anime Showdown Look! People Fighting! Where's the Alcohol? (Zanzibar Ham)

Episode #5 - Look, Palpy Forces a Win Again (yerpalhal)
Episode #6 - Leaps, Punches, Flips! Wrassling Action! (yerpalhal)
Episode #7 - Lotus! Palpatine! Flamander! Wrestlers All! (DivineCoffeeBinge)
Episode #8 - End of the World Losers Prepare Fireworks; Winners Asplode (Rather Watch Them)

Some stats and figures from the first two months of this run.

Episode #9 - Link Partners Fruity, Wrestles Ages (yerpalhal)
Episode #10 - Lucha Perros Find Winning Awesome (DivineCoffeeBinge)
Episode #11 - Lousy Path Finding Wastes Aplenty (Zepyhr)
Episode #12 - MONDAY NIGHT RAW Legit Player Flamander Wormed Again (Tevery Best)

Episode #13 - Ladies' Plan Foiled; Witch Again! (Rather Watch Them)
Episode #14 - Lotta Powerful Flips Win Adoration (DivineCoffeeBinge)
Episode #15 - Lacerations Proliferate From Worm! Awesome! (DivineCoffeeBinge)
Episode #16 - Sacrific-E Lovingly Punching Fervently Wrestling Attackers

Episode #17 - Losers Pinned For Wrestling Amusement (Zephyr)
Episode #18 - Look! Pilot Flammando Winged Angel! (Zephyr)
Episode #19 - Lazy Pugilists Forget Wrestling Ambitions (DivineCoffeeBinge)
Episode #20 - TOXX PARTAY Losers Pull off Frustrating Win. Ass! (nine-gear crow)

Episode #21 - Ladies Pummeling For Whiskey-addled Administration (DivineCoffeeBinge)
Episode #22 - Losers Pinned From Whiskey Addict (Deathmaster780)
Episode #23 - Lout picks a Fight With Angle (YerPalHal)
Episode #24 - THE BIG SHOW Large Punching Fucker Wrestles Angrily (Deathmaster780)

Episode #25 - Longhorned Player Finishes with Attitude (Deathmaster780)
Episode #26 - Loss, Powerlessness, Failure, Wrestling, Angst (YerPalHal)
Episode #27 - Link Pineapple Face Withstands Anything (ZephyrWhisper)
Episode #28 - BEACH PARTY - Lousy PlayStation Ffffffffffffailure, Wrestling Aborted (nine-gear crow)

Episode #29 - Loving Pride For Wrestlers Anywhere
Episode #30 - Ladies Pummeling Faces While Airborne (DivineCoffeeBinge)
Episode #31 - Look! Pros Fear Wrestling is Anime (YerPalHal)
Episode #32 - HELL - Little Punk Flamander Worms Again (FelinoidSA)

Episode #33 - Anniversary - Lotus Promotes Flipping a Whole Afternoon (ZephyrWhisper)
Episode #34 - Z1-A1 - Let's Put Forth Wrasslin Awesomeness! (Maigius)
Episode #35 - Z1-B1 - Long Puroresu Fights Win Audience
Episode #36 - WOGS + Z1-AB2 - Legends Pulverize Federal Woman Agent (nine-gear crow)

Episode #37 - Z1-AB3 - Largely Purple Flamboyance Willfully Annihilated (Sel Nar)
Episode #38 - Z1-AB4 - Lumbering Pugilists Filled With Aggression (Zanzibar Ham)
Episode #39 - Z1-AB5 - Lotus Powerfully Fails Wrestling Action (Deathmaster780)
Episode #40 - ALL OUT - Lips Pressing For Warrior's Advantage (DivineCoffeeBinge)

Episode #41 - Leather Princess Foils Winning Action (nine-gear crow)
Episode #42 - Lotus Pushes for Winning Anime
Episode #43 - Lackey of Palpy Fucks With Attorney (Deathmaster780)
Episode #44 - Hall of Buscus Lasers Perforate Flying Wicked Aerialists (DivineCoffeeBinge)

Episode #45 - Let's Perform Finishers With Alliteration (Action Shakespeare)
Episode #46 - Lore Procured For Wayfaring Announcers (Action Shakespeare)
Episode #47 - Ladies, Pin! Forever Wrestling, Always! (Rather Watch Them)
Episode #48 - PUMPKIN SPICE WRESTLING - Let Pimps Fall With Animosity (Action Shakespeare)

Episode #49 - L-bows Punish Frantic Wrestlers Asses (Felinoid)
Episode #50 - Local Police Force Wasted Again (Rather Watch Them)
Episode #51 - Laudable Pros Freely Waste Asses!
Episode #52 - FIGHT THE POWAH! Let's Pleasurably Finish (this) Wrestling Adventure (Deathmaster780)

Easy Use this handy google form. Go on, click it!

To have all your submissions in one place we'll be using a google form. This will make things easier for me to keep track of all character submissions from both brands (SA and, though, there are no plans to present them as separate entities in the show.). I'll still ask you to leave a post in the thread just so I know it's you and I have a reminder to check form submissions. If you wanna change your current gimmick you can just drop that in the thread or contact me privately some other way if you want.

First of all, have a look at the characters we already have this go around so you can get an idea of what this is gonna be. Here's our entire current roster

Why am I doing this to myself again?
"Much like being a fan of the real thing, WWE 2K18 is often more of a chore than it is fun. Hilariously, yet tragically, I still find myself hoping it'll be better next time." -Nick Valdez, Destructoid

"Despite the series' ongoing strengths, this year is a royal stumble." -Mitchell Saltzmann, IGN

"This series has always suffered from its fair share of glitches, but they're especially egregious and plentiful this year." -Richard Wakeling, Gamespot

"Anyone will have a good time on WWE 2K18, with its fast-paced, brutal and addictive action." - Daniel Cutts, The Sun

"this is quite easily the worst of the series so far, i find absolutely no pleasure in it and can by no means recommend it to anyone." R3Y on Steam

"2K must be going for some kind of record in most games published without doing QA." -Bocc Kob on Steam

"sad game" -Alice'' on Steam

"No Custom Story mode AGAIN? Now I'll have to use someting external for the story bits for LPFWA, what the fuck?" -IGgy IGsen, right here, right now. Oh yeah, we're doing this baybay!!!

Below is a description of the titles. If you're interested in current champions and title history view this spreadsheet and select the Title History tab at the bottom.

LPFWA Championship

The major title of LPFWA's men's division. The original belt was stolen a few years ago so this plastic replica is now the major belt. In case something happens to it we have a ton more because they are basically merch but no one wants to buy it because it looks so cheap.

LPFWA Women's Championship

The major title for the women's division of LPFWA. It is was vacant due to a lack of competition until a tournament for the belt was held (Episode 21). The introduction to this title did not go as smoothly as was hoped because somehow we split into two timelines. I don't even know what's going on anymore.

LP Superstar Championship

The men's minor title. Some say it's become more prestigious than the LPFWA Championship because it gets defended more often and is not made of plastic. But don't listen to them.

Kawaii Championship

The women's division minor title, though, technically, since there is no major title this is the actual major title??? Can't wait for there to be enough women in LPFWA to get them a proper belt, like the LPFWA Women's Championship (Which eventually got introduced).

The Co-Commentary Championship

It's called co-commentary title for some reason but don't be fooled, it's actually a belt for wrestling in a tag team, not commentating over matches.

The Buscus Championship

This belt is unique in that it is not awarded for being a winner, but for losing. The match for the Buscus opens every show. The loser wins the honor of opening the next show as well.

Black's Title

This title is defended under 24/7 rules and doesn't require a sanctioned match. Hell it's probably not even a sanctioned Title. This means it's always on the line, even if your cat is sitting down on you. If a ref is around they can count the 1-2-3 and your cat is new champion. This probably happened at some point. Specifically, it's earned by defeating the person holding it without question, not by winning a match necessarily.

Bunny Championship :3

It was introduced as a punishment for crimes against bunnikind. It has no real rules associated to it but it is defended at every show. It's kind of a reverse Buscus belt in that it gets awarded to winners.

What the hell is LPFWA?
Glad you asked! LPFWA (orignally Let's Play Forum Wrestling Association, but the meaning of the acronym changes every single show) is an E-Wrestling Federation. Essentially it's like pro wrestling only even more fake! The acteurs on the stage called LPFWA are YOU! Yes you! Whether you submit a character or are simply part of the crowd. Your Custom Wrestlers I will make for you will duke it out. Of course, it wouldn't be pro wrestling without the storylines! There's storyline bits between some of the matches to help you pick your favorite and sometimes just have a laugh. It's a thing I did twice before and although there is a continuity you don't need to sit back and watch all past shows. Due some time having passed since the end of last "Season" we'll all jump into the middle of something because sometimes you stop watching wrestling and then come back years later. This incarnation will be run in WWE 2k18

Is... Is this a roleplay? What is going on in this thread, I read the OP but I do not understand.
People in the thread are encouraged to act in-character between shows. Gives them something to do and makes for some fun reads too. General rule is it's not canon until proven otherwise. Or it's canon until proven otherwise? I don't even know anymore. Just have fun!

Ah okay, I'm not interested in Wrestling, though.
Well, you don't have to be. But it probably helps. Have it be known that I did the first two LPFWAs with the attitude that wrestling is bad (except Lucha Underground). Just bad. I've recently grown an actual appreciation for it, though. So I guess I now actually like wrestling.

Wait what? I thought WWE 2k18 didn't have a story creator.
That is true, we won't be able to use a story creator this time. Instead the stories will be told in short faux visual novel segments made in RenPy. Wrestling is an anime anyway, we're merely bringing it to its logical conclusion here. While this format is a step back in some ways (lack of 3D animation) it lifts quite a few of the arbitrary restrictions the garbage Story Creator last seen in WWE 2k14 had. Aside from that it's basically the same but in 2D and even more anime.

Okay, I assume you have a rich and detailed lore. Do I need to know any of it
Nope. As already mentioned earlier, there's a time skip since the last episode that happened. Even if you're familiar with either of the previous "Seasons" most of what happens will be new to you. This way we can have a nice facade of the show having gone on since 2013! (It's canonically 2027, three years have passed since the end of the previous season, which was about two years ago. Don't question it). If you really wanna read up there's a summary of things that happened in the next post.

All right, so how fake is this fake wrestling. Are the outcomes predetermined?
No they are not. There are no plans to rig the outcomes despite the pre-recorded nature. I'll just use the first take. Mainly because there won't be a second take. Yeah, you heard that right. Matches and story segments will be pre-taped this go around with the actual commentary and interactive part being done live on stream. This is more of a necessity than a design decision. It's to make sure story segments integrate nicely and won't be me drunkenly trying to play a visual novel part while setting up the next match that is supposed to happen only to accidentally pick the RAW arena instead of the LPFWA arena (maybe I'll do it on purpose, though). This however, also allows me to improve the show in other ways that would be unthinkable if done completely live and I don't have to constantly do stuff on stream to make sure everything works.

Do I have to be a Let's Player to join?
Of course not.

Cool, let's do this!
Thrilled to have you! You can be a part of the LPFWA Universe (tm) in one or more of several fun ways!

1. Most obviously, you can submit your character for me to make (or make your own). To do that use the character submission form also found earlier in the thread.
2. There will be parts in the show where fake ads will be displayed for flavour, you can make one of these. As long as it's in good taste and not some dumb forums meme I don't understand because I'm old I'll use it. Just make sure it's 300 x 100)
3. I'll provide small icons of headshots for your characters, allowing you to act in character in the thread. That was really fun last time! While these can't always become canon I'll make an effort to collect all of them by ripping off what crow did/was gonna do for his unfortunately abandoned TEW2013 LP: I'll collect them all in a single post!
4. Occasionally your votes can affect the show. Determining the type of an upcoming match, participants and maybe other things
5. For bigger shows there will be a prediction game. Unlike last time there's no prizes due to steam games being no longer easily giftable between a lot of countries. So for the time being it's just for fun. Maybe we can work out something cool as a reward eventually.
6. Just watch the stream, have a good time and interact in the chat if you want. Your reactions will help shape LPFWA after all...
7. ... it's all about the acronyms! LPFWA orignally stood for Let's Play Forum Wrestling Association, but that was a long, long time ago. It stopped being true after the very first episode. The acronym has changed every episode since then as a result of someone in the chat coming up with a new meaning for the acronym LPFWA. These will be used as episode titles.
8. There's probalby more small ways I can't think of right now.

Worry not, the below is a lot. It's just to give you an idea of what this is. No one expects you to know all of LPFWA Lore. In fact, you don't need to know any of it.

Part 1: The Kliq

pictured above: Chicken Chicken Chicken CHICKEN!

18th June 2013, 08:37 PM. The thread for the original LPFWA goes live after IGgy drunkenly recorded some video for something with Junpei Hyde and Schir Junpei showed them VGCW. IGgy's thought was: "This is boring as fuck and yet amazing, I'll buy WWE 2k13 off amazon right now and do the same thing myself". And because I'm a colossal idiot, when the game actually arrived, I did that thing myself.

As talent gathered the show took on a form much more similar to VGCW than what LPFWA turned into later. There was no commentary except for the ingame voice tracks. Which I'm sure put their educated feet to got use. Hell, in the beginning there wasn't even music. But in the small community called Let's Play Forum dot net, a clique mostly consisting of SA members, it gained traction. It lasted until 1st December 2013. The final episode is not canon because Vince McMahon buys LPFWA and fires everybody and then rocks fall and everybody dies.

Notable storylines and moments:
- IGgy claims he's too drunk to fight and has his life-long buddy BNF take over almost all of his matches
- Kadorhal allegedly refused to tag in Mecca Prime during a tag team match, starting the longest running feud in LPFWA history. This started the "Fuck you Kad" movement among the fans.. In the final episode it turned out that that was Kadorhals evil twin brother, Ladorhal and Kad and Mec reconciled to fight for the Co-Commentary championship one last time.

pictured above: Kad and a Fuck You Kad sign.

- Black holding the Nameless Belt for almost the entire duration of the season until purposefully pitting himself against three foes. And even then he didn't lose the first time, reality could not comprehend Black losing and shut down (soft locked the game). The second time he managed though. That's right, Black is so good he needed two tries to lose to Dr. Rath on purpose. The belt was known as Black's Title from this moment on and Black himself was never seen or heard from or again.
- Junpei Hyde turned into an anime by re-enacting a scene from Dragon Ball Z. Yeah. Then she lost immediately. Ouch.
- Some morons (IGgy and Punchy) claimed that they had a third man for... whatever. That third man turned out to be some famous youtube guy with a million Binding of Isaac videos. It was kind of a wet fart.
- Frosty the Dragon committed Reficide for real. Like, a referee actually died because he kept attacking him. Which prompted the United Referee's Association featuring Referee Joe, brother of the killed referee, to hunt down Frosty. Attempting his revenge Ref Joe was heavily injured when Frosty broke the ring by superplexing Joe. Ref Joe went on to tattoo himself, grow his hair out and a beard. He then managed to defeat fruity in a Hell in a Cell match at the Toxx Party PPV, cut his hair, shaved is beard but didn't remove the tattoos.
- Cyrekk was forced to compete for the Buscus, a belt that is obtained by losing to determine the worst of the worst. Refusing to do so he assumed the persona of Not Cyrekk. Everybody saw through the disguise though and soon Cyrekk and Not Cyrekk were book as a tag team to expose them. Surprisingly, Cyrekk and Not Cyrekk actually showed up together, only the mask of Not Cyrekk was donned by someone different every time they were forced to be in the same place at the same time.

Part 2: Something Awful This Way Comes

On 5th May 2014 LPFWA opened doors again to celebrate its ten year anniversary in 2023. Don't worry about this not making sense for now and just roll with it. Ten years had passed and the anniversary of the foundation of LPFWA drew close. It made everything very confusing because the beginning of LPFWA wasn't exactly ten years in the futurepast. The Anniversary aired on 23.05.2015 about a month less than ten ye- I mean... IT WAS TEN YEARS OKAY!

Anyway, this time talent from the Something Awful dot com forums entered the ring and the show now had commentary and got many of its other trademarks, though, I couldn't tell you what those are. But basically LPFWA found its identity.

Notable storylines and moments:
- A tournament for the Vacant LPFWA Championship was held. Sterv won it by ripping and tearing through his competition.
- During the above tournament somehow Loki was replaced with Punchy, who lost earlier, by the game. Yeah, not me. This was a legit shoot. Or bug, if you wanna call it that. This started the Standgate scandal. Because someone from chat said Punchy was Loki's stand or something? I dunno. It caught on and anilEhilated swore to expose Standgate. Punchy, of course, admitted to being a Stand despite that not being true which made the investigation difficult. In the end it turned out Punchy just knocked out Loki during a brief power outage before the match started to take his place.
- Dash Rendar and Galen Marek engaged in the most awkward romance ever. Neither of the two had any experience with romance and struggled even to hug each other. They required the assistance of Fruitsniffer to learn more about hugging. Eventually it worked out but now they're broken up I think??? I don't exactly follow this kind of stuff too closely.
- After Dash Rendar somehow stole all the food on the moon there was a food crisis in LPFWA. At the International Food Throwdown PPV BFC and Frosty had a Pizza match to create infinite pizza to solve said crisis. They did so, we now have a pizza vortex and we can just take a slice from an infinite selection of different types of pizza.
- Oh, by the way, LPFWA is on the moon.
- Matches against WWE Legends are introduced as bonuses after shows. The first one was John Cena, which defeated many of the strongest warriors LPFWA had to offer until Junpei Hyde gained John Cena's respect by defeating him in a Flaming Tables Match, winning the WWE Championship.
- Zore, a garish neon ninja, gets massively over as the Buscus Champion. Him constantly losing must be very relatable? Eventually Zore changed his moveset and... he beat Junpei for the WWE Title.
- Lazyfire and Immortan Joe REALLY hated anime, apparently, and so decided to hunt down the animes of LPFWA. But eventually it turns out they like anime because wrestling is anime and become friends. But at the end of the Anime PPV tragedy strikes! Emperor Palpatine runs over Lazyfire's Lomo with Lazyfire inside. Ten times. Fuckin' ded. It wasn't the first time Palpy did this but... the first time he at least didn't do it ten times. That was a bit excessive.

Pictured above: Immortan Joe after witnessing Lazyfire's limo being crushed ten times.

- At the Burn Down the Sandcastle PPV Palpatine threw IGgy in a pit in an efford to take over LPFWA and turn it into SLW, his own promotion he wishes to revive. What really happened was that IGgy went on vacation and Palpy just did what he wanted in the meantime. This culminated at the SLW Revival PPV. When Palpy put everything in motion to have him and his goons win all titles in LPFWA. Palpy even cashed in the defunct money in the bank briefcase after Fred Hope and Flamander finished their championship match. Thankfully, Flamander discovered that he can transform from a bootleg Sentai into a real Sentai Hero and killed his plan dead. After that LPFWA returned to normal because IGgy returned from vacation and as a punishment Palpy was forced to do the interviews IGgy did until that point.

Pictured above: The shitty LPFWA header image made even shittier.

- At the same show Lazyfire also returned as a force ghost. Probably worth mentioning.
- The Raranomicon :3 happens. Rara won the rights to be at the helm for one episode and there were bunnies everywhere. Rara fed special cupcakes to everyone that gave them bunny ears and made everyone adore bunnies :3 She did all this to draw out Bun Bun, living in a castle close to the LPFWA arena. It worked. It may have been coincidence because Bun Bun came over to complain about all that noise. Or maybe the cosmic bunnies did it. Who knows?
- At the Toxx Party PPV IGgy has to take one sip from his drink from every Suplex Aurora performs. It was 93, I think. Fuckin' ded.
- A sledgehammer got a pinfall victory over Triple H.
- Dr. Rath wrote his name onto the moon with a death ray.
- During Lpfwamania the moon is hurled towards the sun by an extremely powerful Auroraplex SX and everyone gets their braingearz turning to find a way to remedy the situation somehow. Eventually Fred Hope and Flamander decide it would be wise to use lesser suplexes to counter the momentum because another Auroraplex SX would probably break the moon in half. It worked. We're headed back to earth... and that brings us to...

Part 3: Coming Home

You might find us throwing around weird words sometimes. The wrestling business comes with a lot of specific terms, a lot of which have their origins in carny speak. But just to make sure you know at least most of them here's a small list.

Kayfabe: To stay in character and pretend that wrestling is real. This used to be a 24/7 deal where wrestlers would pretend to be their personas every waking minutes of their lives. This has been loosened considerably with the dawn of the internet and a general better understanding of how the business works.
The Business: We in the Business call the pro wrestling business The Business.
Killing the Business: Concerns of the business dying due to wrestling not being portrayed as realistic and/or legitimate. It's what old out-of-touch has-beens say happens when The Young Bucks do flips. Or when Kenny Omega wrestled a nine-year old. Or when Chuck Taylor threw an invisible hand grenade. Or when Kota Ibushi wrestled a blow-up doll. Or when Mae Young gave birth to a fully grown human hand. Sexual Chocolate Mark Henry was the father. That actually happened.
Gimmick: The persona a wrestler portrays. it's common for wrestlers to change their personas multiple times throughout their carreers. Often but not necessarily associated with a turn. For instance, Roman Reigns gimmick used to be that he's part of The Shield, then his gimmick was that he's a manufactured successor to John Cena now his gimmick is that he's a manufactured successor to John Cena who is part of The Shield.
Face: A "good guy" wrestler. The crowd is supposed to cheer for them. When they boo them instead we call that a Roman Cena.
Heel: A "bad guy" wrestler. The crowd is supposed to boo them. When they cheer them instead we call that either bad character work or way too fucking over as a face.
Turn: When a wrestler changes their alignment from Heel to Face or vice versa. Usually specified as "face turn" or "heel turn"
Being Over: A wrestler is considered over when they are accepted by the crowd in their role as a face or heel. It's not unheard of, that someone is so over as a face that they get cheered even after turning heel, which is undesired.
Promo: A segment during which one or more wrestlers speak to the audience or address another wrestler to build interest in a match or feud.
Crowd Pop: Positive crowd reaction signified by sudden loud cheering. This is the reaction a face is supposed to illicit.
Heat: Negative crowd reaction or more accurately, being despised by the crowd. Either due to being a heel or due to being Roman Reigns. Heat is not exclusive to the crowd, though, it can also take place between two performers or between the performer and the promoter and also their mothers.
Cheap Heat/Pop: An easy crowd reaction. Most common example would be to compliment some local sports team to get cheered, or calling the audience idiots for boos. Not necessarily looked down upon but Smarks pretend to hate it to feel better about themselves.
Mark: Someone who thinks wrestling is real. Recently has become more of an insult wrestlers will throw at fans on twitter if they disagree with them on anything related to wrestling.
Smark: A "smart" Mark. Sometimes also called an Internet fan. It's somebody who is aware of and interested in the workings and happenings of the Business. Some claim they are contributing to the killing of the Business.
Shoot: Intentionally going off script. Usually breaking kayfabe. Can show itself in actually attacking another performer, intentionally injuring somebody, cutting a different Promo than intended, usually to bury another performer or in fact the promotion itself.
Botch: This is a normal word, isn't it? Describes when a move or spot goes wrong, possibly injuring somebody or misspeaking/stuttering during a promo.
Work: The opposite of a shoot. When everyting goes according to plan.
Worked Shoot/Botch: A planned event that is supposed to appear as though it's a shoot or a botch.

And there's probably a lot that I forgot. There's many weird terms in the Business.
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