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Part 22: Ladies Pummeling For Whiskey-addled Administration

LPFWA 2k18 Episode #21 - Ladies Pummeling For Whiskey-addled Administration - (Twitch VOD)

Ladies Pummeling For Wiskey-addled Administration - DivineCoffeeBinge

IGgy IGsen posted:

Show starts in 15 minutes.

Well, here's the results in image form. This show was a mess and nothing is fine.


Rather Watch Them posted:

Well... At least the Rara plot worked. That Potion of the Incorporeal was effective, but... I have to wonder if it was worth it.

Congrats Nadira, you earned it. I think. The back half of the tournament is kind of a blur.

DivineCoffeeBinge posted:

So from what I understand, there has been Timeline Fuckery.

This calls for my new brew, Crisis On Infinite Coffees! An infinity of caffeine in a single unified continuity mug!

Raramuffin posted:

This is probably the most favorable outcome for me, if you think about it. :3

... help, please. this is very uncomfortable. <:3

DivineCoffeeBinge posted:

I don't... I mean, can we open the trunk? Will that work?

Is... is the trunk a part of her now?

No, that can't be it; the trunk would have bunny ears if that was a thing. Um....