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Part 49: Let Pimps Fall With Animosity

LPFWA 2k18 Episode #48 - Let Pimps Fall With Animosity

Deathmaster780: Luscious Pumpkins Fulfill Wrestling Addiction
ActnShakespeare: Lunch Provided For Willing Actors
ActnShakespeare: Lurch, Please Feed Werewolves Appropriately
ActnShakespeare: Let Pimps Fall With Animosity

All right! With the next PPV we'll hit episode 52. Which means an entire kayfabe year. All though, our real one-year anniversary will be the next show. First episode was on Nov 4 2017.

For the 52 episode milestone I was thinking of just ending LPFWA for now but I'm not so sure about that anymore.

I'm thinking of:
- Keeping it running as it is
- Switch games (2k19, ugh... or Fire Pro Wrestling World)
- End it.

Overall I'd love to hear if there's anything left you want to see before it ends (if it ends next PPV). Last time someone suggested "throw Palpatine into the sun" and that's what inspired me to do the whole bit where the moon gets hurled towards the sun due to a powerful suplex and LPFWA has to combine it's brains to not die in a fiery blaze.

So if there's any crazy ideas like that, or storyliens you'd want concluded or anything lemme know.

Match Card and Results posted:

This week, in our usual timeslot, we'll have this month's PPV: Pumpkin Spice Wrestling

Fruitsniffer attempts to take revenge for that one time Flamander hugged him. Grace, rocketing to the top, has to go up against Hell-Ena, Tolvie gets a title shot because here theme song is "Spooky Scary Skeletons" and in our opener anyone who eliminates Inspector Jane can earn the Pokeymanz title... and then whoever eliminates them can earn it and so on.

Here's the match card.

Scene: Fruity cuts a promo on Flamander and hugging people and how he cares more about hugging Flamander than actually winning the match but he's also the best at hugging and Flamander. Will. Pat. Fruity's. Back.

#1 Eight-Way Chaos (Pokeymanz Title Match)
Garbo Girl vs. Yelizaveta RN vs. Konami Kouda vs. Lady of the Lancet vs. Jumpy-Chan vs. Valerie Easton vs. Nadira vs. Inspector Jane
It's a draw, of course, at the end it was Konami, Val, Lady and Nadira with Konami having pinned Jane thus becoming the new Pokeymanz Champion.

#2 Singles Match
Woolsey Smythe vs. Dr. Ham
Ham puts Woolsey through a table!

#3 Singles Match
The Brutal Baroness vs. DivineCoffeeBinge
DCB did not win

Scene: Palpy explains why he's not going to be naked for his match against Kylo. It's because he wants an excuse in case he loses.

#4 LP Superstar Championship
Palpatine vs. Kylo Ren (c)
Kylo actually took the win! But neither were nude, so who knows how this would have gun with less clothes?

#5 Kawaii Championship
Tolvie vs. Morgan Wulbraid (c)
Tolvie is not a cop and thus the Vertebreaker/Copkiller/Dragon's Breath is not effective.

#6 Co-Comm Championship
Third Street Sinners vs. Dreamland Express (c)
Wow, they wanted Bone Pimp dead. What the hell? TWO Elbow drops to the ass??? Dreamland Express take the win.

#7 Bunny Championship :3
D the Destroyer vs. Link (c)
Link actually wins with the sunet flip victory roll up! Which is one of his finishers.

#8 LPFWA Women's Championship
Grace Thoruson vs. Hell-Ena (c)
Grace got all her stuff in, but she got her face eaten twice and lost... Hell-Ena retains.

#9 LPFWA Championship
Fruitsniffer vs. Flamander (c)
Fruity goes for a heartfelt hug and Flamander pats is back. Which means Fruity wins.

Scene: Fruity and Flamander show mutual respect and are about to hug but Goat-Man interrupts because he somehow feels he's howed another title shot instead of being owed nothing at all. Fruity gives a non-answer.