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Part 50: L-bows Punish Frantic Wrestlers Asses

LPFWA 2k18 Episode #49 - L-bows Punish Frantic Wrestlers Asses

FelinoidSA: L-bows Punish Frantic Wrestlers Asses

Some clips from the show:
From Grace vs. DCB:
From Sinners vs. Fredmander:
From Sinners vs. Fredmander:

Match Card and Results posted:

All right, you know the drill: show will be on saturday at the usual time

The runback from the eight way will be for the Pokeymanz title, although, the Pokeymanz title only changes hands when the person holding it is pinned, submitted or KO'd, so there's a chance that Konami loses but doesn't take the fall and thus won't lose the title.
The Sinners go against Freddie and Flamander and Lotus gets a shot at the LP Superstar title.

Here's the match card:

#1 Buscus Brawl
Schir (c) vs. a tree
We have a new Buscus champion! The tree!

#2 Four-Way for Pokeymanz. (Pokeymanz only changes hands if Konami takes the fall)
Konami Kouda (c) vs. Valerie Easton vs. Nadira vs. Lady of the Lancet
Val wins but it since the Pokeymanz doesn't change hands if a match is won but only if the holder is defeated Konami is still the Pokeymanz champ.

Scene: Jane is still doing her schtick where she thinks there's some conspiracy or evil crime happening and blames the Pokeymanz title. Good thing Konami comes to offer an alliance.

#3 Singles Match
Grace Thoruson vs. DivineCoffeeBinge
This happened but Grace still won.

#4 Bunny Championship
Toad vs. Link (c)
This match turned out more intense than it had any right to be. Link took three elbow drops to his ass and still pulled out a win.

#5 Tag Team Match
Third Street Sinners vs. Freddie and Flamander
This match had it all. Immortal Referees, TCP practicing taking a bump to the outside for no reason and the Sinners winning.

#6 LP Superstar Championship
Lotus Aura vs. Kylo Ren (c)
Closing out the show with a nice babyface win from Lotus.

Before the show:

VolticSurge posted:

So, you're probably wondering why I'm breaking my silence after all this time. Well, a certain someone-probably that sniveling coward Hux- gifted me My Hero One's Justice on Space Steam as some kind of sick prank! AND all of my RWBY Blu-Rays have been replaced with MHA season box-sets also on Blu-Ray. EVEN SEASON 3,BUT THAT ONE'S ALL IN SOME NONSENSE LANGUAGE BECAUSE IT HASN'T BEEN DUBBED INTO BASIC YET! I figured that would be worth breaking the silence over. I have made my point abundantly clear: My Hero Academia has a lower shitty dad quota and therefore less for me to relate to RWBY has better characters! Sure, I will concede that All for One is a better villain than Salem,and that Deku is a better use of the "loser with no power" archetype than Jaune, AND that Aizawa is a better "grumpy badass" than Qrow and... wait, I'm getting off track! My point is that My Hero Academia is inferior in every way! I haven't even started talking about Miles and Kerry's BRILLIANT work...

As Kylo Ren rambles on, FN-2119,after a moment of listening in by the door, walks away

Everything is proceeding according to keikaku*.

*Keikaku is moonspeak for the Basic word "plan"

After the show:

Hitlers Gay Secret posted:

: Time for me to prove that I am da best Nintendo character in this wrestling federation. You're going down Link!

Defiance Industries posted:

Box office is all that matters, Todd. That's Hollywood 101.

Speaking of, the Third Street Sinners are going to take this match. It's one step closer to us getting the gold, just like I will be when my case with Paramount wraps up arbitration and they have to pay me my previously agreed-upon salary.