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Part 45: Lasers Perforate Flying Wicked Aerialists

LPFWA 2k18 Episode #44 - Lasers Perforate Flying Wicked Aerialists
That was a fun show if I say so myself!
Feel free to come hang in the Discord too.

Here's a highlight from 24 episodes ago!


#6 Episode 20, Match 3 - Third Street Sinners vs. Freddie Hope and Flamander for the Co-Comm Titles
(Link to whole show)
The Third Street Sinners have been meaning to make their proper Tag Team debut for a while now, but Bone Pimp held the Buscus and was not allowed outside Buscus matches (and still wasn't at this point, he go into trouble simply for being at ringside).
They just couldn't wait any longer and challenged Freddie and Flamander for the Co-Comm Titles.
And what a match this turned out to be. First, the quest for the hot tag, then Flamanders unending resiliency and then one of the best Tag Team matches we had ended.

Loads of Acronyms this time!
divinecoffeebinge: Losers Perform For Worldwide Acclaim
divinecoffeebinge: Large Pudgy Freak Withstands Axehandles
ZephyrWhisper: Lone Plantigrad Fighter Wrenching Armbars
RatherWT: Losers' Paperview? Felon Wulbraid Attacks!
divinecoffeebinge: Legal Protection Fails Wulbraid's Assailant
ZephyrWhisper: Local Police Frame Wizard Attacker
divinecoffeebinge: Lasers Perforate Flying Wicked Aerialists
Deathmaster780: Largely Purple Fauna Wrestles Admirably
RatherWT: Lotsa Pinpoint Funnybone Wacks, Ah!

"The Sinners vs Flamander & Freddie at Toxx Party, that match was amazing in many ways.
Also Nuffkins vs Harvey" -Deathmaster780

Here's some clips:
Time Crash (anilEhilated vs. Link):
Double the Elbow, Double the Fun (Goat vs. Flamander):
She did it again! (Rara vs. Hell-Ena, spoils the finish):

Match Card and Results posted:

This week's PPV will be the Hall of Buscus at the usual time.

I did not think of a name or theme for the PPV until moments before recording. I decided on Hall of Buscus because I was ashamed of not having any ideas so now we have a Buscus themed show. This will be the first and probably only PPV where the Buscus is defended. Under special rules no less. However gets eliminated by Tommy, the current Buscus, last becomes the new Buscus.

An Intermission might be inserted later but for now this is the card:

#1 Eight-Way Buscus Royale (whoever gets eliminated by the Buscus Champ last (if at all) becomes the Buscus)
Tommy Wiseau (c) vs. Face vs. Dr. Ham vs. Woolsey Smythe vs. a tree vs. Macro Man Keynes vs. Angus McMutton vs. IGgy
Believe it or not, but this match actually had a winner and it's moi. That's "me" in french. I don't speak french though. So let's just be 1000% clear that it was me, IGgy IGsen! Tommy himself did not eliminate anyone, as such there was no title change.

#2 Pokeymanz Championship
Inspector Jane vs. Konami Kouda (c)
Wow, this went fast! Somehow Konami could not stand against Inspector Jane.

#3 Co-Commentary Championship
Third Street Sinners vs. The Dreamland Express (c)
The Dreamland Express retains in vicous fashion.

#4 LP Superstar Championship
anilEhilated vs. Link (c)
In their previous bout Link was victorious after a very long battle. This time anil hit his finisher, the Exploder Suplex, unable to stand up he crawls to Link to pin him, winning the match and the LP Superstar Title. Also this happened:

Intermission: Fire Pro Wrestling vs. Fire Pro Wrestling World
Video games are fun
But they ruined the Macho Man sound board!

#5 Kawaii Championship
Morgan Wulbraid vs. Kara the Punch Wizard (c)
Kara punched Morgan at least twice but she would not stand down and wins after the second Vertebreaker/Copkiller/Dragon's Breath.

#6 LPFWA Championship
Majestic Goat-Man vs. Flamander (c)
Holy shit, what a match! They gave it everything, even the elbow drop to the ass. It's just a shame, if it weren't for the finish being a wet fart this would have been one of the best matches we've ever had (Goat wins by count-out, no title change)

#7 LPFWA Women's Championship
Terara Fluffybottom vs. Hell-Ena (c)
I don't have the words...

#8 Bunny Championship
Freddie Hope vs. Nuffkins (c)
The second time these two meet this season. Last time it was for the LPFWA Championship and Freddie lost. This time it's forthe Bunny Championship :3