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War for the Overworld

by Enchanted Hat

Part 6: Behind Enemy Lines

Episode 6: Behind Enemy Lines

The Empire seems to think that this war is best fought on our own territory, for they enter Rhaskos' realm in droves.

Before you lies the portal through which they mount their assault, destroy it and you will cut off their supplies… and their single path of retreat.

The Empire continues to put pressure on Rhaskos' realm, many of his defeated minions have been brought here and imprisoned by the Empire.

This domain has been entirely overrun, and still more reinforcements spill from the portal to the north.

While they are well supported, they've made the mistake of imprisoning Rhaskos' minions… these minions will happily join your cause… if you can liberate them from their greasy jailors.

The dwarven jail and the first hero fortress are just to the north of our dungeon core. Small problem, though: we have no gateway.

So first things first, we'll want to build a large beast den. Beast dens don't need a gateway to attract beasts, so it's useful in missions like this.

You can attract more powerful beasts by upgrading your Beast Den, open the Veins of Evil and unlock it now.

You know what, that's a good idea. There's a new upgrade for the Beast Den, and since I start the level with one Sin, I might as well get it.

A Shadow has entered your dungeon.

The Shadow slinks along darkened corridors and seeks out the strongest foes it can find, and when it strikes it will do so with deadly precision, leaving them a crumpled mess of giblets… before vanishing back in the dark.

Mendechaus might be overselling shadows a little bit, but as long as they're stronger than oculi, I welcome them

The Bafu is a winged terror who will aid your attempts to free my minions, its terrifying screech heralds my revenge.

As Rhaskos suggested, the Bafu is indeed a terrifying force of wing and claw. While sightless, it has no trouble finding foes, and will easily slice your enemies to ribbons with its terrifying strikes.

Rhaskos, buddy, I appreciate your input, but we already have two narrators.

Now that I have a few beasts, it's time to spring Rhaskos' minions from the dwarven jail. I built this big training barracks because I had forgotten that beasts don't train in anticipation of getting Rhaskos' minions to join my army.

The prison itself was undefended, but soon a small force of dwarves shows up.

After dealing with them, we break into this small treasure chamber. In addition to not having access to a gateway, we also don't have any gold ore, so it's useful to claim these little treasuries on the way to make sure you can pay your monsters.

I notice a large wall of brimstone to the north. It's usually worth cracking open brimstone to see if it's hiding any goodies inside.

You've discovered an Incantation Shrine.

This shrine reduces the cost of your spells significantly, allowing you to cast more frequently.

Have you still not destroyed the Portal? Time is short for me Underlord, please get a move on.

Shut up, Rhaskos. This is an incantation shrine, and it's awesome. It reduces spell costs by 40%. A big part of winning fights between your monsters and enemy heroes in enemy territory is spamming heal spells on your monsters whenever your mana recharges. Reducing spell costs by 40% means I can cast ~67% more heal spells before I have to stop and wait for my mana to recharge, which is a pretty big deal.

I go back to check out the prison. After we claimed the prison and defeated the dwarves, our workers picked them up and threw them all behind bars.

If your pockets feel a bit light you should unlock Blood Money. I find that gold made of flesh gleams just a tad brighter than the rest.

Mendechaus has a lot of really good ideas this mission.

I follow his advice and unlock the Blood Money spell. We can use it to turn creatures under our control into gold statues. Our workers can then mine the statues and bring the gold to our dungeon core. We're going to run a for-profit prison!

I turn all the prisoners into gold. This statue contains over 6,000 gold, which is a very large amount when you're strapped for cash! Blood Money is an excellent spell.

Now that the war has become extremely profitable, I immediately attack the dwarves once again. Inside their next base, I discover a new room type.

You've claimed a Torture Chamber. This room can be used to corrupt or execute imprisoned enemy minions… or your own if you woke up feeling particularly nasty.

These racks have two modes. The first will allow your Succubi to corrupt enemy units and bring them under your own dominion. Alternatively, you can click the prop to toggle it to its execution mode, which will burn the unfortunate victim to a crisp, spawning a Spirit for you to command.

Hey! Quit bitin' my style!

Looks like those uppity dwarves wanted to get in on the evil game, because they built a large torture chamber for our minions. Is this like, a reverse "are we the baddies?"

Then out of nowhere, a large force of dwarves charges right through my base!

I'm so surprised that I don't even have time to mobilise before they've reached my dungeon core. I drop a bunch of monsters on them and manage to hold them off. Honestly, I don't know what they were expecting, this attack seemed unusually suicidal.

There were so many of them that I couldn't even fit them all in my prison.

Some Succubi have joined your dungeon. These vicious temptresses are happy to ensure that guests of your Torture Chamber are comfortable during their stay.

In battle they will seduce their targets with a charming wave of their demonic hand, leaving them helplessly infatuated.

Suddenly, some succubi appear! I don't have a gateway, so I actually have no idea where they came from. But succubi are really good. They deal a ton of damage and have some handy combat abilities. Unfortunately, torture chambers are really expensive to build, so unless you have an infinite gold shrine or something, it'll be hard to attract significant numbers of them.

Succubi work in the torture chamber room. If you drop prisoners on the racks, you can try to convert them to join your side. This is very useful, as the heroes tend to have some powerful units, and it's much quicker to convert powerful enemy heroes than to attract and train up your own units.

I could start converting the dwarven prisoners, but I have a better plan.

I found this guy in one of the dwarven prisons. I don't know what he did to end up there, but he's a level 10 bard, which means he's very powerful. We'll try to convert this guy while we assault the final hero stronghold.

But first, an observation from Mendechaus.

In a distant shard of another reality, an Underlord is making his dungeon look like a huge dong.

I'm surprised that I haven't done that yet, honestly. I should have done that in like, episode 1.

All right, enough messing around. Let's take down this fortress!

I'd apologise for leaving no gold for you, but I never really expected another of my kind to come here.

We advance on the inner sanctum of the dwarves. Our succubi managed to convert the bard really quickly, shown here rocking out. Clearly, he didn't have much sympathy for his captors.

Your minions are rebelling!

No, they're revolting. Individual minions will rebel against you if they get very angry for one reason or another. I'm not sure what they're angry about here, but we're so close to the goal that I don't want to call a retreat.

You rock that lute, bard!

Excellently done, that's two brothers downed in a single day! I do so love this job.

With no way out they're sure to increase their pressure against Rhaskos! Move swiftly, or I fear your victory here will be a hollow one indeed.