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War in the East: Don to the Danube

by uPen

Part 108: Turn 115: August 26, 1943

So close to wrapping this whole thing up, just 70 more miles.

So the goal here is to punch through with my mobile forces and force a decisive result but I don't know if I'll be able to manage it with the amount of armor the Germans have available. it might be that I'm unable to open a large enough game to roll north without infantry support.

Leningrad and Volkhov move up to the German line and launch a series of rather badly organized but surprisingly effective attacks. The goal here was more to suck up panzer activations than to actually win battles but they manage to take several hexes.

Before attempting the breakthrough I guarantee that I'll get something out of this by pinning in those 6 german divisions so I'll have at least them next turn.

A series of incredibly bloody battles including a huge tank battle succeeds in opening up the gap north.

And the final result, one-more-hexed. Still though, a great result. The rail line through Stettin is unusable due to the proximity of my forces so any Germans that want out will have to evacuate under their own power which may prove difficult with all of their supply flowing in through 2 contested hexes over a major river. I also routed a shitload (over a dozen) airbases and HQs doing this which will help alleviate some of my supply/fuel problems but won't solve it. I've basically completely run through my built-up fuel so my armor likely won't be able to accomplish much next turn.

The rest of my forces move up, the huge roadblock forming here probably won't unsnarl itself for several turns.

And the non-vital front, goal down here is to simply tie up as many Germans as possible while the north drives on Berlin. So far these guys are doing an excellent job.

Grinding into the Germans outside Prague. There's a bit of armor down here but nearly as much as there is up near Berlin so it's just a matter of time before I reach the city.

Less than 100 miles to the western edge of the map.

And I continue to take territory down in the mountains for some reason, I can't explain it.

Koenigsberg is abandoned, these men are needed in Berlin, not defending a Prussian city 250 miles behind enemy lines.

The pocket holds, I'll see what I can do about sealing it next turn and then forcing the surrender of the Germans trapped in here.