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War in the East: Don to the Danube

by uPen

Part 62: Turn 59: July 30, 1942

Hey that's something new and exciting!

Our first Guards Army. Guards armies work basically the same as Shock armies in that the leader gets a +1 bonus to their admin rating. Admin checks are very important since they determine how much MP units get each turn. Bad admin rolls = less MP for subordinate units. This is the only army I've got that qualifies right now. In '42 an army needs 73+random number between 0 and 75 wins to be promoted to guards and this is the only army with over 70 victories. A few others are close, especially on the Crimean front so we might get another before winter.

The most boring front.

Making steady progress at least. I think once I finish building that new tank corps army I'm going to make some more rifle corps up here to break this stalemate.

Gonna deploy a reserve army here. Even if the Germans aren't capable of breaking it, the line being this fragile makes be nervous.

The Moscow defense zone takes a little bit of ground, it's incredibly difficult to push the Germans around up here.

At Orel we repocket those 2 infantry divisions, hopefully it will hold this time.

Time to ruin the German's week.

The German line on the Bryansk front is starting to collapse. The two armies of rifle corps are making absolute mincemeat out of anything standing in their way.

The last German forces on this side of the river, they'll be evicted in a few turns and then most of these forces will have to find somewhere else to attack.

With forces already across the river Kiev quickly falls and an army slips across to hold it. Now that we've secured a rail line on the west bank we just need to keep pushing west until the Germans throw up something that can actually slow me down.

Now that Odessa has fallen it's time to pressure the Romanians until they shatter.

The Crimean front moves up but I'm unable to budge some Germans in a fort this turn, they'll have to wait for next turn if they stick around.

The same is true on the southern front, some ground is gained but a few german hardpoints restrict my advance.

Down at Odessa it's another story entirely. The entire Romanian army evaporates as this front gets to stretch out for the first time.

Why are there so many Germans up here?

The pocket holds.

These Romanians are in for such a bad time for the next 6 months.

Odessa has fallen, Kiev is mine and the entire Romanian army is about to collapse. It's only August.