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War in the Pacific

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Part 1023: Operational Report: 24/09/44

The Nagoya bomber get no hits, but down two planes.

The Muskallunge is savaged by a escort, who seems to be laying its depth charges near perfectly.

The day bombers hit Sapporo.

The Japanese response to the Express continues to build.

In a bad day for our subs, the Scorpion this a destroyer with a dud torpedo, then is hit hard herself with a depth charge.

The Japanese go after Rangoon once more, as I have supply ships unloading in the port once more, but we have a few fighters to meet them.

The next wave is dealt with as well.

The third wave makes it through though.

They keep coming, and we keep shooting them down.

Our troops arrive at Moulmein, and automatically try a shock attack. I will need to wait for the rest of the troops it seems.

The carriers disappoint in the morning, with no raids, then they hit Saipan in the afternoon.

They finally get their act together and hit one of the freighters.

The oiler is not as lucky today either.

Things continue to get better, but I wish they had done this in the morning as well.

The advancing Japanese forces run into our advancing forces, and wish the did not, we will push forwards and keep the pressure up.

We also take Quinhon.

Well, that was another good day, we took down 64 planes, and sank a good number of ships, along with advancing on the ground. I also note that for the last couple of days we have had high numbers of destroyed on the ground – which means we're either sinking ships carrying planes, or a couple of carriers have succumbed to wounds.

All is good.