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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1077: Operational Report: 17/11/44

So I'm sending another supply convoy to Rangoon – guess how far they made it before coming under attack? Luckily the torps miss.

Oh this is going to be fun. Also, where the hell are my anti sub patrols? Have they bugged out again?

It seems that the runway at Babeldoab is up and running already, as the first bombers hit Davao. This is going to be a hard place to suppress, as there are bases and airfields everywhere, but I think Davao is the main one, and once I have men ashore, I can flood the area with fighters.

The Topsy's return, but my planes gun them down this time.

I decide to sod it at Siagon, and blast the Japanese away with a shock attack. Its going to pay off I think, the fortification reduction is going to hurt the defenders.

I begin to load planes and send them forward to support my base, I also send more bombers forward to hit more targets.