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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1080: Operational Report: 20/11/44

Hitting Davao continues to be costly.

As expected, Japanese spies tell them when my supply ships hit the ground, but we are able to fend off the first wave.

Of course, that's not the only wave, and the next one slips some planes through.

Then they hit me with the big wave. I hate sending ships in like this, but its the only way to get a large amount of supplies into the city, and I want that city supplied!

Saigon falls to my troops, the Japanese are forced to scuttle a large number of ships to prevent me capturing them, and I know there were air units there as well.

Well, thats the fall of Saigon thirty one years early. It nets me a large number of planes and a good 200 points increase. This is after this.

Most of the Japanese ships scuttled were not worth any points, and the Rangoon supply run has been especially bloody today.

Lets not underplay the importance of Siagon though, its a massive resource stockpile for the Japanese, and has some industry. So hopefully it will start pumping out supplies for me soon.