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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1099: Operational Report: 09/12/44

Apparently I'm totally incompetent when it comes to anti sub warfare in Burma. And the AI know this.

We strike at the airfields again, and hit some more planes parked on the ground.

This seems to be the way to invade.

We hit another tanker convoy, we sink one and two escorts, and leave two more with no real way of getting home.

I'm initially worried by this attack, but as our fighters flow in and the enemys get shot down, it turns into a damn good raid for me.

Then they send in another wave the same.

I try a massed high level attack on Tokyo. We don't get many hits, but these are the losses we can take. Those damaged planes can be repaired quickly, so lets see how that plays out over the next few days.

Now that the Japanese have finished offloading troops into their beachhead at Kiangtu, I give the order to attack it. We'll clean the rest up tomorrow.

That was a better day, its been a bit quiet, and I was worried about the inevitable massed Japanese assault. We've now shot that down now, and I can rest easier for a week.
Those few hits on Tokyo netted us 400 points in strat bombing (a 500 point increase today total.) so hitting the capital is really worth it it seems. I shall risk my B-29's there tomorrow, at high level of course.

I have no idea where the sub came from.