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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1113: Operational Report: 23/12/44

Our ships carrying reinforcements arrives at Daveo, but no sooner have they moored up than a lone Japanese destroyer makes an attack on them.

Several of the smaller landing craft crash into each other, two sink, but the Shirakumo, despite taking crippling damage, pits two torps into the Caradoc, who goes down. This is a fiasco.
The bombers continue to support the attack however.

The crew of the Shirakumo are brave beyond belief, but they still need to die.

Its not over for the invasion force, as the Japanese scrape some planes up from somewhere outside of the suppression zone.

In the afternoon, its a wave of Peggys.

We finally begin unloading the fresh troops.

While we do not attack, the fresh troops have an immediate effect on the bombardment phase.

We have no luck in hitting the aircraft factories today.

We continue to try and break the enemy in Thailand, but I’m going to have to rest my troops now.

We begin our attack on Kompong Trach, and it looks like we may well take this one quickly. They have planes here it seems, so I'm hoping for a large payoff here as well.

Well, that was not a quiet day! It goes to prove there is little you can do if the assassin is willing to trade his life for the targets.

Of course, its a British ship we lose, although we gain four Japanese ships from across the year to balance it.