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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1115: Operational Report: 25/12/44

The Superforts take the the air finally, and get a hit, but lose two of their numbers to massed Japanese defensive fighters.

The Liberators are having no luck with this target, I'm going to switch it up tomorrow.

We pick off another freighter.

On the ground, the Japanese AV is falling fast – no doubt due to their lack of supplies, and we crack another lay of forts.

The Japanese deliver me their Xmas present – more troops to kill at Kiangtu!

Kompong Chhnang falls to our troops quickly. We take out half of the Japanese troops as well.

We strike near Rahaeng, but our men are still disrupted, we get a good ratio, but need to wait a bit longer here.

Well, no disasters today – I hope Santa brought you what you wanted, and you are full of Turkey. If your not celebrating Xmas, then have a good day regardless.