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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1154: Operational Report: 02/02/45

The Jack hits a ship. Please note, this happens off the coast of Japan, not in mainland China.

The Gato follow suit.

I split the bombers targets, so we can start the city bombing as well.

I begin landing troops at Puerto Princesa.

The carriers come under attack once more.

We hit Naga, but with little effect. More resting needed.

Things go better at Dadjangas, and we will follow up this still sizeable force and hit it again. Why didn't I cut off the escape routes?

Now this is the target I wanted to hit yesterday – I noticed they had over three hundred planes at Mergui, and I want them, so I hit the airfield hard.

Japan is in serious trouble as soon as I can get these bombers into range (well, not THESE bombers, but you know what I mean.)

I have to wonder why there is no CAP, maybe I have cut their supply lines, maybe the AI is dumb. Whatever the reason I know why I've not seen any Japanese planes in the last few months – they've all been parked nose to tail here.

This is brutal, but I can't stop showing it to you.


So, that was a day. Not only did we take another base, but we did a number on the Imperial Air Force. They have been quiet in Burma for a while, but that really hurts their abilities to hit me. With 368 planes destroyed on the ground, that's going to hurt.
Five hundred points gained.