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by Grey Hunter

Part 1178: Operational Report: 26/02/45

The expansion into the DEI is still going well.

Not only is there no sign of a Japanese air force, but we are raiding them – poorly, but you know, its more the principle of the thing.

We now have a foothold in Java. Time to march north and cause havoc.

Properly escorted, we do some more damage around the coast of Japan.

They also hit the Toyohara airfield, doing some damage to it.

We hit that force in Burma once more.

Our carrier group ignores the target next to them and hits Manila in force.

There is only low tonnage stuff there, but this is a large number of the Japanese landing ships, and we cause much damage.

They do hit that convoy, but there is no sight of a carrier, maybe it was a optical illusion from that screenshot.

Another day of gains that look good but gain us few points. I really need the bombing campaign to start up again, but the bombers in Urrupu-jima are still out of supplies, and I'm at the bottom of the pool to replace the B-29's.

The kill list looks below what it will be in reality, but that's always the way.