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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1194: Operational Report: 14/03/45

A couple of Japanese cruisers find one of my transport ships and sink it.

Ow, that's some heavy losses there.

We do get some more fires going however.

What's a day without a hit on a tanker?

Or three?

The men advancing up Java take their second base.

We pay the cost for the next level of forts at Soerabaja.

We continue to defend Kiangtu. The enemy units there are now surrounded, and not likely to last much longer.

Well, that was a okay day. And now the forces for Operation Reef have left their bases! Urrupu-jima has a load of fuel in it, which I plan to use to resupply the convoys and carriers. But I'm not sure that the 70k tonnes I have will last that long with the hundreds of ships heading north.

The Saratoga made it to Pearl, but with six months of repairs ahead of her, she may well be out for the war.

We also gain back some of our base points, and jump 800 points.