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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1202: Operational Report: 22/03/45

We hit another tanker, but our own sub is run off by the enemy.

We continue to try and support the attacks north, but the enemy have to many planes here. I need my fighters to do something!

I'm moving fresh troops in, and the Japanese get the drop on them. This has to be near their maximum range as well!

The carriers announce their presence to the Japanese and Operation Reef is a go!

They carry on and hit three more cargo ships, this is a good start, and not to many Japanese planes around.

Well, we have to clear the harbour before we can land any ships there.

The level bombers start to soften up the defenders.

Tis a bad day for the Japanese merchant navy.

The hammer blows at Murkden shatter a Japanese unit.

Tomorrow, the first troops to hit the Japanese Home Islands will land, and we will see how good my recon reports have been – 6.5k troops, with assumed L6 forts minimum. I expect the first wave to stall until the second wave hits, but I may be being pessimistic.
Or Optomistic.

This is a good start however.