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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1203: Operational Report: 23/03/45

Men start landing on Hokkaido.

Come dawn, the Japanese begin their attacks on our ships – two planes make it through the CAP, both hit the same ship.

This was always going to be a tense day, as more planes are taken down trying to hit our ships.

We see enemy planes come down in large numbers.

We also get some nice combined ops in.

Come afternoon, the carriers come under attack – not that this attack is much of a threat.

Its late in the day before we start hitting shipping.

Even the subs want in on this.

It gets brutal in Legaspi harbour.

We take out three more waves like this, and shoot down over forty enemy planes, but the ships in the harbour take a beating.

They are going all out today. We must have stirred something up morale wise with our invasion of Japan.

The advancing troops continue trying to break the Japanese.

Samarinda falls to our forces. We burn a few planes on the airfield.

So the reported AV of forces at where I have landed is 12 by the bombardment attack – in other words, I may be able to take the base tomorrow. And that one is the more heavily defended one by my recon reports.
Japanese plane losses number over four hundred today, so we must have scored big right?

Nope, not only did this force get hit with more planes than I thought the Japanese had in the area, but the base points dropped another three hundred giving us a net score of 42 on the Japanese. This makes me a little mad once more.