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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1212: Operational Report: 01/04/45

While we conquer the west of Japan, we continue to harass the convoys coming in to the east.

Things go badly for the Kraken.

We find some more cargo ships and cripple them.

There are a few small attacks over the day, but nothing major or threatening.

This is one of the larger raids of the day.

We begin to soften up Sapporo.

The carriers deal with the airfield.

After destroying 400 of their troops in the bombardment phase, we hit them again at Sorabaya.

We're back into the movement phase, so its going to be a few days before anything major happens again. But at least we can start doing some damage to the Japanese positions before we advance again.

Shame that Sapporo is beyond my current landing capabilities. I'll have to march up to it.

We scored 3000 more points than the Japanese this month, but we're still 32,000 points off winning. That said, the gains we've made have been amazing – in any real war, the Japanese would be reeling.

Sixteen bases fell to our troops this month, including several on their home islands. Although this only nets us 700 points on last month. This graph shows my real hatred of this game – the base points thing – although we trend upwards, we get massive and sudden drops that rob us of thousands of points, I can only hope that we see another massive rise in a few weeks time – the current rise come solely from some high profile captures.

The enemy have lost 2,500 planes this month, over a thousand more than we have.

Add to that a thousand ground troop points lost to our own 650, and things look poor for the Japanese.

Then we hit ship losses, and I'm not going to lie, its been brutal out there. We lost 96 ships, the Japanese lost 80. (confirmed.) In points we lost 1300 to the Japanese 1000.

Here is the map, it looks good to be in Japan.

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