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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1219: Operational Report: 08/04/45

The Japanese raid our landing fields at night once more – our destroyers go out to meet them, but come off horribly in the exchange.

We strike another cargo ship. The subs are really starting to hurt the Japanese now they have re based to Guam.

We begin air strikes on the blockading ships again. At leas the Japanese sortie did not interrupt the landings.

This seems to clear the way well enough.

The Japanese make an attack at our forces at Legaspi.

Another Japanese unit is destroyed at Mukden.

Things are quietening down a bit, the Japanese have ceded the airspace over Hokkaido to me, and its just a matter of marching forwards. The constant surface raids by the Japanese are getting annoying, but I don't have the surface ships free to go hunting them down.