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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1227: Operational Report: 16/04/45

The heavy air combat in the area continues. At least its draining the enemies supplies.

Its time to rest up at Lucena. The 11th Airborne is marching in to help, with a smaller unit holding the supply lines open.

We're dropping off more troops to Hokkaido, and the Japanese try and raid our shipping.

The 91st Division counter attacks our forces. But we will not be so easily moved.

Mukden grinds on, but the end is in sight here now.

We are below 30,000 points to win! Ready the victory celebration! At 1,000 points a day, the war will be over in a month! At 500 points two months, at our current average of 150 points its only another 200, but we should score a grand when Mukden falls, and more when I nuke Tokyo.