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Part 126: Operational Report: 11/04/42

Even with our savaging of the supporting carrier and two separate invasion forces, the Japanese still manage to get troops to Wake to being the invasion.

To the north west, we find a submarine, and the Gridley makes several passes with her depth charges.

While the Kwajalein forces continue to try in vain to take the island.

I feel sorry for these men, I can't risk the ships to get them out, but they are not going to be overwhelmed by the enemy forces – who they would have beaten if not for the fortifications. So they are now doomed to slow starvation and attrition until they surrender.
Something I'm surprised has not happened already.

The invasion force off Noumea continues to get hammered by our defensive guns.

One of our tankers is hit near Canada.

The enemy try and bomb Calcutta again.

Unfortunately for them, I moved Wigglesworth and his Hurricane squadron there the day before yesterday.
This makes the defence of Chittagong a little less effective, but they still deal with their attackers in a satisfactory matter.

Our Chinese pilots get into the air once more, and get themselves another kill, we can't be far off our first Chinese Ace pilot.

Kiukiang continues as it has for a week, with more Japanese casualties.

Oddly, the Japanese decide to land an attack force at Pakhoi, a quiet are of China, maybe these are troops who are now being freed up from the south.

Wherever they came from, our boys counter attack on the beaches and kill or capture most of them. We wipe out the Naval Guard unit that was attacking us, and the defenders can go back to garrison duty.

The dive bombers hit another target.

You may notice that task force moving up from the south, - that is the Revenge and Co. I forgot to mention this yesterday, but I've sent them up there to raid the enemy, they should be safe from attack, we've not seen any attack planes in the area.

Guadalcanal continues today after a few days of reorganising the men after the landings.

In a busy day for Japanese submarines, one of our Sydney to Port Moresby freighters is hit today.

Where is my carrier? Where is it?

Oh, wait, there it is, under the name Hiryu. I'm starting to loose faith in Intelligence. We had how many pilots identify it as the Shokaku, and they put this on the list.

Our top pilots list show that Wigglesworth begins to creep up on Wagner, who still sits states side as a replacement. If they don't transfer him out to the front by the end of the month, I'm going to send him to training command.
Also note that Chou is our first Chinese Ace.