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Part 127: Operational Report: 12/04/42

At Wake, the invasion force gets a surprise, as the cruiser that had until yesterday been assigned to protect the Enterprise return to port.

While the Kwajalein assault continues as it always has.

If the enemy ships at Wake thought that they had it bad, thats nothing compared to the poor bastards at Salamaua.

She's called the Revenge for a reason. These ships then move on to the next cargo ship and its escort.

And then another, as the massed Royal Navy ships rip their targets to shreds.

In fact, this attack is far more effective than I thought it would be.

The Japanese feel the need for some revenge of their own, and send some Helens out to get it, but we're not going to give it to them for something a silly as four old bombers.

While our dive bomber make in ineffectual attack on a destroyer.

The few remaining troops in Java are being bombed now, and I don't expect them to hold out for all that much longer.

Our main success of the day is the capture of Lunga.

We still have some cleaning up to do, but we've taken the first objective.

The Supply raid once again runs into fire, and two more planes fail to return home.

Kiukiang is assaulted once more.

The Japanese tanks reach Katha, and the invasion of India cannot be that far away.

Mwha ha ha!
Sorry, I felt like an evil laugh, The Aussies have taken the main base on Guadalcanal and we sunk a grand total of eleven ship.

Most of them are junk, the number of Sub Chasers (SC) we sunk is stupid. But the landing craft makes it well worth it.