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by Grey Hunter

Part 1273: Operational Report: 01/06/45

This one was on fire before we hit her, and due to the lack of 'ship on fire' messages, I assume she is empty.

The Japanese blockade me with a cruiser. It will be gone before the next supply ship comes in.

So many planes, so few hits.

The day is not a complete loss, but I would like more damage than this.

The Japanese have at least one other cruiser in the area.

The carriers I have moved in to hunt are attacked, but the unescorted bombers are butchered.

There are several smaller raids we do the same to before the Peggies come in.

Meanwhile, they put a couple of torps into the Haguro

The Japanese continue to throw wave after wave of planes at my carriers.

The Japanese keep attacking Port Blair, and the runway there is pretty much rubble now.

I do so love pulling teeth like I did today. That's a hundred planes that won't bother me any more.

This has been a good month, we took some high value bases, and did some nice damage to Japan. Overall, we scored a net 7,117 points, and now need only 23,518 to win the war!

Over the course of the month we took 14 bases, taking the Japanese below where they started the war!

We gained over 5000 base points this month, and the Japanese points collapsed.

Its been a bloody month in the skies, with both sides losing over 1200 aircraft.

The Japanese lost 1700 points worth of troops last month, a very bloody month for their ground forces.

We only lost 21 ships last month to the Japanese 71, which makes it a very good month in my books.

Points wise however, its only 50 points difference. Bloody CVE's.

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