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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1274: Operational Report: 02/06/45

The Japanese try for Mauban, and we shoot most of them down. This at least uses up some precious supplies on the island.

We take down more raids, but they soon start seeing our ships.

Seeing becomes hitting.

They also strike the South Dakota, which is supporting a convoy moving troops from Minadanao to Luzon.

Here we continue to pull teeth.

The Haguro slips past our carriers, but a single bomb to her ammunition store ends that problem.

The level bombers do their work.

We sink a destroyer, but fail to hit the cruiser it is escorting.

Then we raid Tokyo harbour, with dive bombers and torpedo planes. We fail to hit anything, and lose a load of planes, but we get several bombs near their targets.

Victoria point, and with it all of Burma, falls into my hands.

Well, I think I may try for Tokyo once more, with both carrier groups. Mainly because its going to be a real morale breaker for the Japanese.

Its a shame we lost the Northampton, but we are still ahead on points.
I move fighters down to Victoria point, they have plenty of support from the huge unit there, but few supplies, all the supply transports in Rangoon are tasked to resupply the base. I expect the Japanese to attack there hard tomorrow.

Also, the lost post can be found here.