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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1287: Operational Report: 15/06/45

Well, these guys are new, the night fighters are up and running it seems.

We continue to stop the Japanese from resupplying their last base on Hokkaido.

This is what the Victoria Point fighters spend their time doing.

These Banzai charges are getting more and more costly to the Japanese – Which is great!

We crack an other layer of forts in Korea, I take heart that the enemy are as low on supplies as I am.

We take down the last of the fortifications, and the Japanese numbers are dropping fast. After this, its Batavia, which is worth 400 points to us.

Not a bad day, and with no fresh damaged bombers coming in, the air crews do a good job of putting planes back on the runway.
I'm not sure where the enemy carriers have gone, I've got a net up, but I can't cover everywhere.