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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1291: Operational Report: 19/06/45

What has gotten into the Imperial Navy? They seem to be a bit aggressive at the moment!

The Japanese are still capable of getting many planes into the air. Several raids on this airbase cause some damage.

We on the other hand continue to blow up tiny ships.

We hit the refinery again.

I really should report this more often, but we have been slowly wiping out the 91st Division – they are really close to complete collapse now. Remember when this formation had me worried? Look at them now.

Meanwhile we close in on the last Japanese controlled city. This force was included in yesterdays leadership shakeup.

Now this force is properly surrounded, I begin to destroy it.

So I think its time to think big and stop messing around with the bombing campaign! I know hitting Maebashi gets me big points, but will cost me in aircraft. So I'm going to rest everyone up and see about sweeping the airfield there for a day or two. Then I shall try for a firestorm in a properly populated place.

For those of you worried, the Enterprise just made it home. Although I've been using my carriers hard these last few months, and a good number of them have had to go in for repairs.