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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1298: Operational Report: 26/06/45

We pick off another valuable cargo ship.

This is more like it.

We continue the sweeps. Tokyo is still clear and we take all the planes from the air by the third wave of planes over Maebashi.

The bombers continue their work.

With Gusto.

Must destroy Oscar factory.

We are bombing Manila, but its not with many planes – most of my bombers are off in Japan. There are still five raids like this however.

We are really close to equalizing the scores at the city.

We are still grinding the enemy down at Harbin.

The ordered sweep/bomber technique is working well. Its a shame that I was to focused on firebombings earlier. But they did give me good points earlier in the war, so I was trying to replicate that. Anyway, we gain another 250 point today.