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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1306: Operational Report: 04/07/45

We sweep Maebashi once more.

The first wave of troopships come in, and we take hits. Once again, the CVE CAP proves useless.

We clean up two more leftover units on Hokkaido.

We try and strike a destroyer, but it goes poorly.

Manila falls.

The Japanese take massive losses and retreat north. I can now spread out and take the rest of Luzon.

The battle for Harbin is rapidly wrapping up.

Well, that one kinda came out of nowhere, I was expecting them to hold out for another week or so. We gain 3,200 points and now only need 16,704 to win! The Japanese lost five hundred points so far, and I'm sure we'll see more adjustment in the next few days. Next stop is Clark Field and its 450 points.

Another CVE bites it, but the Japanese scuttled a good number of ships.

If you are worried where my bombers are, don't be. Their prepping for a 20k height fire-bombing raid of Tokyo.

We are coming for you, 12th Air Fleet.