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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1308: Operational Report: 06/07/45

Victoria Point comes under attack once more.

There are not as many enemy planes today, but we still shoot a good number down.

We see a couple of heavily damaged cruisers sailing around, but cannot add to the damage.

Lets burn Tokyo some more.

I raise the hight on the B-29's a bit, and they take less damage.

The ships massing at Hakodate come under attack.

30 Myrts slip though, and do a lot of damage.

They send in lots of planes, and even take a shot at the runway.

Owch, that got bloody, I'm going to take some more planes off sweeps to protect our ships.

What the? I never even saw a CVE get hit. I swear their sinking themselves now!

On the plus side, we scored over six hundred points today! The fires are damaging manpower and spreading to the nearby factories. I'll move everyone's hight up again tomorrow to try and reduce losses some more, but beyond that, we're going to carry on hitting the city.