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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1315: Operational Report: 13/07/45

The Invasion of Ominato begins, we take out this sub and another, but one of our ships hits a mine and sinks.

The 6th Division goes ashore, but it seems that only one of my two task forces has moved, the smaller one. I think I miscalculated the time it would take to load.

We protect the ships from the first wave, and you can see some of my carriers have arrived on time. So that bit has been timed well.

Of course, the next wave slips right through the CAP as if its not there.

We take out another destroyer.

Then another.

The second task force arrives during the evening, and the enemy fortress is accurate with its fire.

We continue to fight for Batavia. The men will need resting again though.

Our men are at Clark Field, but its going to be another slog to dislodge the Japanese from here.

So the invasion has begun, and while I am taking some ship losses, I have seen the Japanese bombardment report, and they have next to no AV here, I expect the city to fall quickly, maybe even tomorrow! Its also worth 1000 points to me, and will give me a nice foothold on Honshu.

There is a cost however. We still come out 250 points ahead, and none of my bombers made an appearance.....