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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1316: Operational Report: 14/07/45

We continue to unload troops at Ominato. The damage from the coastal guns is not as bad today, but several ships damaged yesterday go down.

The bombers start their work. They come in lots of small waves.

We see few Japanese planes, and gun down the ones we do see.

The bombers continue to plink away.

The multinational force we landed takes the city without much effort, the enemy forces are in no state to stop us.

The Japanese try and sneak something in our out of Luzon. We stop them.

The defenders at Clark Field begin to take heavy losses.

It cost us a few ships, but we are ashore on the largest island of Japan! Overall casualties are fairly low, about 4000 men (including those lost during the storming of the beaches and lost on ships).

We're up 1,287 points on today, and now only need 12,000 points to win (that's down from 20,000 at the start of the month, just two weeks ago.

I'm moving my nuke layers, they seem to be doing nothing, maybe at a closer station they will do the business.

Readingaccount posted:

I don't know, he seems to show a fair amount of emotion to me, though it's all sort of sequestered on a level he doesn't take too seriously.

You lot are getting my Therapist bills, I had four sessions on death threats alone.