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Part 147: Operational Report: 02/05/42

The enemy cruisers that were escorting the enemy carrier come charging into Wake.

Our ships get the better of the engagement, and although the Anderson is left burning, two enemy ships don't make it out, one of them a light cruiser.
The enemy later respond with an airstrike.

And a later one that is much less effective.

Another raid on Chihkiang is met by our two brave pilots there, who manage to bag themselves another kill.

Kiukiang is attacked again today.

At Anyang, the Japanese army are cleaning up the few hundred remaining solders we have in the area.

While we continue to attack their men at Tsiaotso.

The enemy launch a raid on Port Moresby, but no damage is caused to either side.

They also attack the Revenge, who is looking for trouble in the Solomon Sea, but have no way through the flack batteries.

A couple of key points today, the first is that we have crossed 10,000 points of lost ground pounders, while the enemy have lost a fifth of that, the second is that both sides now control an equal number of bases as the Japanese collect three more undefended Philippine bases today.

We also gained three ships, the cruiser and destroyer from Wake, and a freighter from December.