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Part 152: Operational Report: 07/05/42

The Japanese Navy sail a Destroyer into Port Moresby today, right into the Jaws of one of our task forces.

Somehow the Numakaze manages to escape after taking only one hit. I'm not entirely sure what our gunners were doing out there.

The air over the port continue to see air combat, as we manage to bring down four planes from a raid today.

The Enterprise (the cruiser not the carrier) is hit twice by a Japanese sub as she flees back to Sydney for repairs.

The Japanese subs seem to have an uncanny ability to find our wounded ships and hit them. The Enterprise quickly settles and then sinks from this fresh damage.

We continue to pound on the Japanese defenders of Guadalcanal.

A number of our resupply ships at Wake come under attack, I forgot to order them back to Pearl harbour, but they luckily take no damage.

The battle in Burma takes another twist today as we begin to bomb bases in the Japanese controlled areas.

Sinyang seems to have settled into a pattern of one day of assaults and a couple of days of recovering. This is one way of reducing their losses, but its a shame for us.

Another poor day for us, as we lose another cruiser and a couple of support ships, but there is an odd entry on the kill list.

The Hiei is not on the list, having apparently sunk by a torpedo. I'm dubious about this, but I'll take it for now. It would be a fair trade for the Revenge, not that I wanted to make a trade in battleships.

I'm setting up another invasion, this one is of Canton Island., its in the middle of the Pacific, but its worth 30 points, and should be fairly lightly defended.

I'm sending in a battlefleet to test the waters first though.

I'm to stubborn to keep all my battleships hidden away, and I doubt that there is any serious air force in the area.

You may now commence your wringing of hands and cursing of my tactics.