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Part 167: Operational Report: 22/05/42

Another Japanese sub is operating in the coast off Australia, she picks on one of our troop ships today, causing some casualties, but nothing too severe.

The I-18 then circles around and comes back for the stricken ship.

In a good day for Japanese submarines and a fantastic display of shooting, the I-11 puts four torpedoes into the side of one of our tankers off Ceylon.

The Force unloading troops at Lunga is scattered today as reports of Japanese ships approaching cause the commander to re-embark his men.

The fact the the fleet has run from a couple of patrol boats is a little galling, but the unescorted freighters were not to know any different – all their supporting ships having been sunk or driven off by the Japanese carriers over the last couple of weeks.

Wake gets a visit from another carrier, but the damage is minimal.

I know it would be a risk, but with only one enemy ship, I would love to have the Yorktown there. But I can't risk them sending a carrier fleet.

Kiukaing sees low casualties today, most likely as most of the enemy forces are resting for the day.

At Anzeg, we make an attack that is more successful than I expected. My whole strategy in China is to bleed the Japanese as much as possible, making it hard for them to move any troops out to the rest of the theatre.

This attack is overshadowed by the enemy losses at Tsiaotso.

2,500 men killed, wounded or captured for only eight of our own men. You just can't argue with those numbers.
At Hong Kong, we reduce the enemies fortifications.

Add to this retaking Nanching without loss, and its been a fantastic day in China.

I would not like to be a soldier serving in China right now. But its doing its job, thousands die each day, and the Chinese can better replace those losses at this time.

We are going to have to worry about the enemy near Port Moresby - they're starting to advance again.