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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 213: Operational Report: 07/07/42

A Japanese Sub makes an attack on one of our patrols off Colombo. She misses with all six torpedoes, and then is set upon by the patrol.

They have a lot more success with their planes, as one of the troop convoys gets a little to far south and is found by a squadron of Bettys.

All this distracts us from a Japanese invasion force that lands at Cox's Bazar – behind our front line.

More duds for the Grampas.

The enemy launch their own attack at Kiukiang, hoping to catch our men in a disordered state, but the defensive lines are strong, and we make mincemeat of them.

North of Foochow, the Japanese make a move at a front that has been quiet for weeks.

They also try again at Shaohing, with the same results.

A small Japanese force had cut the supply lines for the Anking force, I sent a couple of Corps to deal with them, and they do so as soon as they arrive.

Hong Kong continues along.

We also take Kalgan back without the fight.

The hits on that cruiser and the Invasion of Cox's Bazar were not what I wanted, but the rest of the day went well. China is really bleeding the Japanese forces.

But or troops are on their way to the Ellice Islands, so we'll return the favour soon.