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Part 222: Operational Report: 16/07/42

The Shoho is back in the area around Java, but we see nothing of the Akagi today.

Another attack at 86,57, more Japanese troops knocked out of the fight.

There is also another attack at Shaohing, although the Japanese soldiers just aren't committed to this one.

We retake Cox's Bazar today, the Japanese seemingly having abandoned it – leaving only four men to defend the base they just wasted fuel to take – was this an elaborate raid to break allied air power in the region?

I'm not sure where the Japanese troops in Cox's Bazar have gone, that was a little anticlimatic. This is another day where I have little to do.
I have had to send a resupply convoy to the American carriers, as the max speed has drained their fuel rapidly, and they don't have enough to get home now.

The only other thing to mention is that the Arizona is setting off to Pearl Harbour tomorrow, having completed repairs.