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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 273: Operational Report: 05/09/42

Chittagong is hit by a madded enemy raid today. The one plane we get into the air can't stop the enemy from hammering our airfield. Although our flack does make holes in a whole load of them.

Lets hope some of them crash on the way home eh?

Another raid by the B-17's, and this time we lose on to the enemy Zero's.

In the north, we retake Anyang, smashing aside the Japanese defenders there.

I see these attacks as an annoyance only. To draw away Japanese forces from my advances in the south.

Its the way of the game that after a 17 image update yesterday, I struggle to get three today.
Today we reach a point of something over 10,000 points behind the Japanese. This means we're starting to gain on them.

We get some useful information about Luganville, which will soon be coming under attack.

For now, I think enough of the 32nd is ashore to launch and attack on Buna, finally.