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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 283: Operational Report: 15/09/42

The Albacore hits a destroyer with dud torpedoes, and then has to flee from its depth charges.

There was a unescorted raid on Buna. Once more, those Lily's pay once more.

But they return once more, and we take another one off then by way of toll.

While we lose a load more planes at Lunga, as the Japanese carriers move off.

Another massed raid on Cox's Bazar, our hurricanes are unable to stop this many plane, but the damage is minimal.

We're continue to wreck the Japanese airbase at Tarawa.

Sinyang returns to how it should be, as the Japanese throw away another thousand men.

In the south near Chuhsien, we are under attack once more, and do a good job of putting a number of enemy soldiers out of commission.

The Special Base Force, the unit that is defending Hong Kong, is putting up a dam good fight, considering their construction workers. We're butchering them out there, but they still refuse to retreat.

After this battle, I get the message that we have surrounded the Japanese units. Our complete control of the city cannot be to far away now.

We seem to have a few men still holding outside of Canton, but we should be through them in a few days.

We continue to plod along, there must not be any easy to hit planes left at Tarawa, and the Infantry will be arriving tomorrow, so as people have noted, the Arizona is about to get into the war.

Looking at Hong Kong, it seems that the enemy have surrendered, meaning that the city is now ours!

I'm transferring 67 squadron and another squadron to Cox's Bazar. Lets see if we can turn this air war around.