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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 301: Operational Report: 03/10/42

The Trusty comes under attack today, but easily evades its attackers.

A Japanese midget submarine gets into Colombo harbour, where it finds and cripples one of our support ships.

This thing is then seen prowling around the battleship Valiant, but it makes no more attacks.
The daily raid on Cox's Bazar causes minimal damage and takes out one of the enemy planes.

Another Japanese ship is seen off Australia, preying on our fuel supply line.

Japanese bombers are seen over the mainland, and they launch an attack on Derby, taking out one of our submarines.

Then Darwin comes under attack, and another of our ships is crippled.

These attacks take our pilots by surprise, but when the enemy return in the afternoon, they are ready for them, and the balance is more in our favour.

The Sinyang report comes in for the day.

While the Japanese try and reopen their supply lines to Canton. But they attack superior forces and their attacks come apart under our fire with heavy losses.

We continue to push against the Japanese forces around the south.

Canton continues to hold out against our forces, but we're slowly reducing the enemy.

At Luganville, we remove the enemies fortifications, and leave them open for an assault.

So the Japanese are expanding their war to Australia are they? I have an answer for this.

This is the one squadron of B25's I've spend the last few weeks moving to Shanghai, they arrive tomorrow and I've ordered them to start attacking Nagasaki. This is a test of usability for Shanghai – if it works, then I'll expand the attack to use more planes.