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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 300: Operational Report: 02/10/42

There is a massed raid over Cox's Bazar, and we lose some more of those unmovable planes.

We spot planes from Japanese carriers. These ships have spent months bombing the same small numbers of defenders.

With no ships to attack, the Japanese start to bomb the island of Tarawa. We take some minor losses from this attack, but its no long term threat.

While our carriers arrive at Wake, they launch a combined attack of seventy planes.

And cause bugger all damage. At least its more experience for them.

After their time to reorganize themselves, the men at Luganville make a very effective attack on the enemy, its thought one in ten of the enemy in the field are killed.

China has a day off today, so I go around and set them back to attacking.
The main thing today is the fact that I have now returned the HMS Formidable to the Royal Navy. I may actually have some political points by the end of the month.

I've also brought the men who attacked Buna back to Sydney back. This is mainly due to the lack of supplies and the fact their supporting ships are out of ammo.