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by Grey Hunter

Part 312: Operational Report: 14/10/42

Good lord, let me post before you start voting!

Cox's Bazar comes under attack once more.

At least our Flak gunners are getting a fair bit of practice, and it seems to be paying off.

The 26th Indian Division has been marching south for a good while now, and today arrive and take Shwebo.

The Japanese carriers are so close that I can almost taste them. They decide to waste their planes on the Island of Guadalcanal, losing one plane and having another 8 damaged.

That's still a whole load of planes they can put into the air – nearly 100 bombers, plus a large number of fighters.

The Japanese launch a wasteful attack on Nanking, they lose a thousand men, but no squads.

Those Japanese carriers are going to be a hard nut to crack.

The scouts are telling us that there is on Fleet carrier, five escort carriers and a battleship in the area, carrying a total of about 250 planes. Our own numbers are about equal, and any raid would be a roll of the dice.
This is the choice we have, to attack or to run away and try again another day.

I start the troops at Pearl Harbour planning for attacks on Wotje and Roi-Namur in the Marshall islands. It'll take a month to repair all the ships from the last invasion, so that should be plenty of time.