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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 331: Operational Report: 02/11/42

The Japanese send some Vals at the Prince of Wales, who swats two of them from the sky in contempt – although only one is recorded here.

The Kates go for the invasion force instead, and get a hit, despite planes from the carriers being in the area.

When the Lily's arrive, we lose an older British plane, but take out five of theirs.

The bulk of our planes find a troop transport, and much slaughter follows, and thousands of bodies are seen in the water.

Being one of the 900 disabled squads is meaningless when your at sea.

The afternoon brings a more heavily escorted Lily raid, but we deal with them once more.

Then our Dauntless's head out to finish off the escorts – who have been collecting as many survivors as they can.

At Guadalcanal, the 38th Division, which was landed a good time ago, finally makes their first attack.

Hold out for a few more days lads, help is on the way!

We take Milne bay without a fight, and the men will be reaching Rossel island soon. So this begs the question – were those troops we just drowned heading to or from the area?

Ah, that was a fun day – nothing of interest happened in the rest of the theater, oddly enough, but what we did get was glorious. Not only did we get two fully loaded troop ships, we also took down 38 enemy planes for the loss of one four of our own.

We're still pursuing the enemy battleships near Midway, but I think their going to get away.

The other news is that I have ordered a Deliberate attack at Sinyang. This will give us an accurate idea of our ability to bring that battle to an end.