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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 34: Operational Report: 09/01/42

The enemies night bombardment of Manila continues. It seems that they don't want to risk any planes against even our token defence.

Clark Field suffered another day of artillery bombardment, but only 45 men are lost as the enemy unloads tons of explosives onto them.

Off the coast of Japan, the Skipjack comes under attack by a patrolling destroyer. She takes a couple of near hits, but manages to stay afloat.

The enemies ground offence in China continues, as they launch another crushing attack on Wuchang, hitting the enemy with ten times the the number of defenders.

More raids above Port Moresby sinks another one of our freighters. Those P40's cannot get here quick enough for me.

The Japanese land a force in Pontanak, and quickly push the defenders out of the city.

I'm going to have to call off supply runs to Rangoon again, as another raid on the city takes out three transports in the harbour.

The enemies main carrier force appears once more, this time off their captured island in the New Hebrides, attacking our base in New Caledonia.

We're going to have to watch this, this puts the enemies carrier force is now within sailing and striking distance of Australia or New Zealand. While this attack on its own did little damage, it could be the prelude to something bigger.

With only a single ship sinking and a few planes lost, this has been a good day for us, barring the loss of Pontanak.

Intelligence has little of interest for us today, barring that one enemy base has only 17 defending soldiers.

Our main worry today is the enemy Carrier force.

If they swing east, then our ships reading for the invasion of Luganville could be under threat, if they swing west, then Australia will be attacked. We have nothing in the area that we can use to attack them, with our carrier either at or on their way to Pearl.

We're just going to have to wait and see on this one.