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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 35: Operational Report: 10/01/42

The Japanese have a sub patrolling around Port Moresby, it makes itself known by hitting one of our ships with two torpedoes.

The enemy land troops at Tarakan, prefacing this attack with a bombardment, but the replying guns from the shore hit the unloading troop carrier, causing some casualties amongst the invaders.

Later attacks suffer more hits from the 120mm guns stationed in the base. But this does not stop the enemy putting 13,000 men ashore in one day, completely overwhelming the defenders.

The bombing of Kuantan continues unabated.

Over Rangoon I've moved one of the training squadrons to the front lines, and they made themselves known today in the air, but they were unable to prevent the sinking of the three ships that were heavily damaged yesterday.

The one remaining plane, possibly flown by the ace Wanger, manages to get two kills today defending Manila.

he also disrupts two more large raids over the rest of the day, and gets another kill.
While in the south, a carrier group raids one of our few remaining bases in Mindanao.

They then push on Cagayan with an armoured force.

In Luzon, the enemy move troops into Manila itself, and continue their attacks on Clark Field, here to they try an armoured push as well, but many of their tanks are knocked out by the defenders.

This victory allows the defenders to complete another layer of fortifications behind their current ones, meaning the enemy would need to continue their attack for much longer.

The enemy attack Pucheng, and pay a heavy cost in lives to push the Chinese defenders back from their front line trenches.

A fairly disastrous day, we have lost two bases and seven ships, and thousands of men in various battles. The enemies score continues a curve upwards at a steady pace, as they steadily sink ships, kill soldiers and take land. Our score stays the same, as the damage inflicted on the enemy balances out our losses on the field.

In the Philippines, Wanger had a field day, he was at eight kills yesterday, but they managed to get him into a plane for the whole of the day today.

Four kills in one day takes him to a triple ace, and makes him our greatest pilot. Its a real shame there is no way to get him out.

I'm sending another raider force out to the north of Borneo – we know the enemy has no carriers in the area, as they are all now supporting the attack on the Philippines, and we should be able to make them draw them off as well as causing some more damage to the enemies shipping in the region.

The Repulse continues to limp home, she should make port tomorrow.

I have another Squadron of Hurricanes today, so I've ordered them out towards Darwin. From there I can quickly shuttle them to where they are needed most.