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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 342: Operational Report: 13/11/42

The curse of the dud torpedoes continues today.

Two squadrons of planes clash near Lea, and we down a Zero without loss.

At Guadalcanal, we start to push on the Japanese defenders once more, with some results.

My readjustments of panes in the region finally bears fruit, as an unescorted Betty raid on the Chinese supply lines is butchered by the newly arrived fighters.

Their second wave does hit the airfield however, and we lose a couple of planes.

A third wave takes our more planes, craters the runway, and costs them more of their bombers, but this makes three separate full squadrons to hit Ledo today.

Deep in Burma, we finally push the Japanese our of Katha, but we cannot move against their 60,000 men near Mandalay, so I'll move on to Lashio next, and try and draw some of their men off. We need to stretch them thin.

It seems that the men at Dutch Harbor want to add their names to the list of brave defenders, not willing to give up despite the Japanese forces and their superior numbers.

South of Hangchow, our attacks on the Japanese forces continue.

We also catch up with the 104th Imperial Division again, and once more we send them retreating back with heavy losses – nearly half their force is destroyed in this attack.

We do the same thing to the once defenders of Canton, sending them back in panic.

The fortifications at Hong Kong reach level 2, so any attack by the Japanese there will cost them.

I forgot to the take the Enterprise of refit duty, but it will only take 20 days, and I can cancel it before then. The Wasp returns to active duty today as well.
We do loose the Takao from our lists however.

And gain the Hiyo again.
That's it, Intelligence is fired, Asset Tracking, pick your own team please, I don't care if you go to the local loony bin – a group of delusional paranoids can't be any worse than these guys.